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Are you a member of the church you regularly attend?

Church membership is important.  It is difficult to feel fully involved with a congregation when you aren’t fully connected.

Are you a member? Are you searching for a church to join? Or, do you find yourself hopping from church to church?

Please share your experiences, and share your opinions in the comments below.

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  • Michael

    I attend many different churches and have done so for years. I am a member of a small SBC church from my early college days, but haven’t found any I like enough to join in about 10 yrs. I feel membership is important, but I remain just as active with whichever church I attend (i.e., missions, men’s ministry, tithing, etc). I have prayed for yrs, yes yrs., for God to provide me a church home, but have not found one as of yet…

  • CJ

    Aren’t we all members of the church?

    I know many church “members” that have no fellowship with believers outside of saying, “HI” on Sunday mornings. Is that church? Is that what membership is all about?

    I also know people that are involved with more than one local church body. They are not members of either organized “church” AND they are actively ministering, outreaching, being ministered to, etc. They see the body of Christ as the church. They don’t view a building or a specific group of people as the only “church.”

    Focussing on membership in a specific legal entity or group misses what is really most important. What is most important is active and sincere fellowship with other believers. Like I said, I know of many “members” that are “active” by just showing up on Sundays and giving out a few, “Hellos” to some familiar faces. Beyond that, they have no deep fellowship or accountability or sharpening of one another.

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