Every week for the last 10 years or more my father Walker Moore sat at his computer and stared with a long blank stare. Even though he had been writing these articles for a long time, the writing aspect never came easily or quickly for him.

He would be the first to tell you that he was not a very good writer. That may seem strange to say because he wrote so often, and his articles were so loved, but the process of putting his stories into writing was a difficult and laborious process for him.

There was a time when he told me that he thought about ending writing articles because he just didn’t know what else to write about. That writer’s block quickly ended when I started to have kids, and he became a grandfather. For the last several years many of his articles revolved around his adventures with three wild boys who looked at him as though he hung the moon.

I used to wonder why my dad would work so hard week after week to come up with a new article. Everybody would have understood if he had gracefully bowed out of this responsibility when he retired. Still, he had finished his final article right before we left for our family vacation, not knowing it would be his last.

The response to his passing has been such an outpouring of love that I now know why my dad continued to write. For Walker, it was always about the people. He would have continued to write articles for 10 more years as long as he felt that it helped at least one person. He never cared about prestige or position. For him, ministry was always about the people God placed in his path. Every article he wrote was a love letter to anyone who would take the time to read it.

As his youngest son I got a firsthand look at the real Walker Moore, and for once, it is actually okay to meet your heroes. He was who he said he was. He would respond to every email, every letter, every phone call, and you always felt like you had his undivided attention.

I’m thankful that you got to enjoy his articles for so many years because they were a piece of himself. He poured himself out like a drink offering, not only on the pages of the Baptist Messenger, but to all who had the pleasure to meet him. So, on behalf of my family and my father, thank you for being loyal readers and supporters of my father. I look forward to us all rejoicing together in the life to come.

Caleb Moore