Photo by Austin Urton

The Oklahoma Women’s Retreat 2024 was a year to remember, leaving attendees returning home with a better understanding of God, knowledge of Scripture, and connection with one another. Held on April 19-20, 2024, at Falls Creek Conference Center, this two-day event blended in-person and online experiences, welcoming women from Oklahoma and beyond.

Engaging Experience

Attendees had the option to participate either in person or virtually through a Host Church, bringing the retreat to their communities. 2,100 women attended the retreat at Falls Creek. Forty churches opened their doors over the weekend for women to attend the retreat online. The event catered to diverse linguistic backgrounds with sessions available in English, Spanish, and American Sign Language (ASL), highlighting to provide a quality event in one’s heart language. Nearly ten percent of the attendees came from a Spanish-speaking church.

Photo by Austin Urton

Inspiring Keynote Speakers and Worship

Renowned speakers including Jen Wilkin, Whitney Capps, Tara Dew, and Dee Humphrey graced the event, delivering powerful messages rooted in God’s word and personal experience. The husband-and-wife duo, Roberson, from Nashville, TN, led worship. A panel discussion hosted by Amy Cordova, featuring Jamy Fisher and Amy Petersen, fostered dialogue on the theme and how to live out scripture in community with each other. Josiah Presley, student minister at Edmond, North Pointe Baptist Church, shared his inspiring testimony as an abortion survivor.

Embracing the Theme: “Remember”

Photo by Austin Urton

At the heart of the retreat lay the theme “Remember,” drawing inspiration from 1 Samuel 7:12. Attendees were encouraged to reflect on their life experiences, embracing both joys and hardships with faith. Through engaging teaching, insightful panel discussions, and interactive breakout sessions led by Shelley Urton and Dee Humphrey, participants embarked on a journey of healing and growth. By sharing their stories and vulnerabilities, attendees found strength in community, echoing the spirit of collective support emphasized in 2 Corinthians 1:4.

Supporting Rebuilding Efforts

Attendees were invited to contribute to the rebuilding efforts at Oklahoma Baptist University (OBU). Jill Thomas, OBU First Lady, and Niccole Hall, OBU Regional Director of Development, shared the devastation caused by last year’s April 19 tornado. The generous offerings received will aid in revitalizing OBU’s campus, specifically rebuilding Raley Chapel.

Photo by Austin Urton

Enjoying Activities and Fellowship

Amid the spiritual engagements, attendees had the opportunity to explore Falls Creek and enjoy recreational activities. Whether strolling through the prayer garden, soaring down the zipline, or joining the 5K run, each moment was one to remember.

Remembering Our ‘Stone of Help’

Photo by Austin Urton

Throughout the retreat, attendees were engaged in teaching sessions, inspired by insightful panel discussions, and joined interactive breakout sessions. They were encouraged to remember their life experiences, recalling 1 Samuel 7:12, “til now the Lord has helped us.” Rather than burying these memories, they were guided to confront them with faith, recognizing Jesus as our stone of help, and finding healing and growth alongside others.

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