The 2024 Oklahoma Baptists’ Men’s Retreat that took place April 26-27 at Falls Creek propelled men toward Jesus.

“I haven’t ever seen anything like this!” were the words I heard during Friday night’s worship service as a volunteer with tears in his eyes hugged me. For the first time he got to experience what nearly 900 men sounded like freely worshipping God.

What a beautiful sound it was! What an amazing time we had at the retreat! We were blessed that it only rained Friday morning, when it was scheduled to rain both days of the retreat.

Many of the men thought that the main sessions were the best parts of the retreat. Grant Adams and his band did a tremendous job leading us into worship during both sessions. On Friday Night, Pastor Brian Mills of Yukon, TogetherWe gave an evangelistic push challenging men to be Custom Made not Cookie Cutter.

On Saturday, Pastor Garry McNeill of Durant, First gave a challenging message geared to believing men to take sin seriously and to bear a powerful testimony. During both sessions we saw men come to Christ, rededicate their lives and be prayed for. Surely, God was in the place. Our offering this year went to the OBU Prison Divinity Program. This program has had a substantial impact on the Lexington Prison as men are witnessing to both guards and inmates and seeing both come to Christ.

There were tons of activities and competitions for men to do such as work heavy machinery with Oklahoma Baptist Disaster Relief (DR), play pickleball, fish, dodgeball, corn hole, archery, shoot skeet and Tannerite, run a 5k, Car Show and a 3-point contest. My heart was moved on Saturday morning as many men chose to attend a breakout and not just do activities. Pastor Tom Gragg of Little Axe, First, and Oklahoma Baptists’ Evangelism Director “Coach Tee”  focused on reaching men. Both breakouts were full to the brim. Coach Tee led a few men to Christ in his breakout.

Thank you to all the Pastors and Men’s Ministry leaders who helped men get to the retreat. I was excited to hear some leaders say they had brought their largest group.

Thank you to all our volunteers who served during the retreat. Will you please consider being a volunteer for the Men’s Retreat next year?

Pastor Tom Hefley of Sulphur, Calvary served as a golf cart driver at the retreat. After the retreat, his community sadly was struck by a devastating tornado. Please be in prayer for them and other Oklahoma towns that have been affected. Please pray for storm victims and our Oklahoma Baptist DR volunteers, as they serve.

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