DEL CITY—The Robert Haskins School of Christian Ministry celebrated the graduation of 29 students in a ceremony hosted at Del City, Sunnylane Aug. 15.

2020 Haskins School Graduation, a watershed moment - Baptist Messenger of Oklahoma 1

Among the many ‘firsts’ at this event, the first Hispanic woman to receive a diploma in Church Ministry, Rosana Maciel, was recognized having overcome many language and social barriers. Photo by Hannah Hanzel.

“There is nothing quite like this school,” Haskins School Dean Mark McClellan said at the ceremony, referring to the schools unique approach to contextualized ministry training.

The school, which relaunched in the fall of 2016, was designed with the needs of the bi-vocational ministry leader in mind.  The goal is to provide practical non-accredited ministry training from experienced ministry leaders that is fully online.

Since its inception, the school has grown from offering four online classes to almost 80 ministry training courses. Students who complete 10 selected courses receive a pastoral ministry diploma or church ministry diploma. Students who complete five selected courses receive a certificate in either pastoral ministry or church ministry. Students can also take courses without pursuing either a diploma or a certificate. All courses are offered every semester.

Philip Jones, Haskins School smaller-in-attendance church program leader, marked the occasion by reflecting on the school’s history.

“Today is a watershed moment for the students who are graduating,” he said. “For those of you that have been with us for the entire four years, this is a validating moment for the school and for the training you have received.”

Emmitt Mckenzie, the first Native American to graduate from Haskins with a pastoral ministry diploma said the school helped him prepare for the ministry of evangelism. “Dr. Emerson (Falls) did a great job in Native culture to help me in understanding about Native tradition in the church,” he said. “In the Native American context I see that the people are more responsive when another Native shares Christ with them.”

Certificates and diplomas were awarded to Haskins students by Hance Dilbeck, school president and executive director-treasurer for Oklahoma Baptists. Dilbeck also brought a charge to the students.

“The purpose of this school,” Dilbeck said, “is to strengthen the church, so that we can advance the Gospel in every language and ethnicity in our state and beyond.”

Pastoral ministry diploma recipients include Farshid Amin, Raymond Bohannan, Miguel Facio, Luis Carlos Garcia, Emmitt McKenzie and Chris Tiger. Rosana Maciel and Adelia Owen received their diplomas in church ministry. Troy Phillips was awarded diplomas in both pastoral ministry and church ministry.

Ministry training certificates were conferred on Marta Avila, Siomara Barrios, Roseanna Bearpaw, Amanda Bryson, Jessica Castillo, Jeff Grogan, Ramon Guzman, Scott Haney, Carmen Lopez, Carlos Lozano, Amelia Matias, James Pathkiller, Larry Pyle, Josefath Sanchez, Jr., Perry Smalts, Edith Sosa, Norma Sosa, Julio Torres, Rosa Trejo and Jimmy Van Buskirk.

2020 Haskins School Graduation, a watershed moment - Baptist Messenger of Oklahoma

Key Haskins School leaders and advocates took the stage throughout the ceremony. From left: Everardo Borunda, Emerson Falls, Philip Jones, Alan Quigley, Randy Lind (leading worship), Hance Dilbeck, Robert Haskins, Anthony Jordan and Mark McClellan. Photo by Hannah Hanzel.

Program personnel for the graduation ceremony included Haskin School leaders, Hance Dilbeck, president; Robert Haskins, chancellor; Alan Quigley, vice president;  Anthony Jordan, founding president;  Mark McClellan, dean; Everado Borunda, associate dean and Hispanic program leader; Philip Jones, smaller-in-attendance church program leader; Emerson Falls Native American program leader;  Walter Wilson, African American program leader; and Randy Lind worship and music ministry partner for Oklahoma Baptists.

The Haskins School began another semester Aug 24.  For more information, email Philip Jones or call at 405/919-3267.