As the Oklahoma State Evangelism Conference (SEC), Jan 30-31, Oklahoma Baptists are planning to gather at Del City, First Southern for a time of fellowship and growing together in Christ.

“Shout” is this year’s theme with Rev. 12:10-12 as the scripture of reference, “The reason God led us to that is exactly what the scripture says, “The salvation and the power and the kingdom of our God have now come. and we must live like that,” explained Mike Napier, Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma (BGCO) evangelism specialist.

There are many events in association with SEC. One of those events, Night of Prayer will take place Jan. 29, at 5 p.m. (see schedule below for all conference times) at Del City, First Southern the night before SEC begins.

The exhibit hall opens daily at 7:45 a.m. with different ministry opportunities provided by Oklahoma Baptists.

The Senior Adults session begins Monday morning at 9 a.m., followed by the Senior Adult Luncheon and afternoon session led by James Walker, John Meador, Junior Hill and Charles Billingsley.

That evening, as the exhibit hall closes for the night, the reservation-only Small Attendance Churches/Bivocational Pastors Dinner will take place.

Following the opening of the exhibit hall on Tuesday, the Women’s Session begins, as well as different breakout sessions offered.

More reservation-only dining options are offered Tuesday throughout the day for lunch and dinner leading up to the afternoon session, the African American Fellowship of Oklahoma Choir concert and the evening session.

A key part of SEC annually are breakout sessions.

Billingsley will lead a session on how evangelism and Sunday worship can work together. He will dive into several practical ways worship services can be designed to make them more conducive to the leading of the Holy Spirit.

Frank Turek, president of is one of the featured SEC speakers and will lead a session, discussing  if miracles are possible.

Turek will address the opinion, “If miracles don’t happen,” as some scholars and professors believe, “then Christianity is nonsense,” making the point, not only are miracles possible, but the greatest miracle of all has already occurred, and scientific evidence can prove it.

BGCO Executive Director-Treasurer Anthony L. Jordan will lead a breakout on how to stay true to the text and present an effective opportunity for those present to be saved by giving an effective invitation.

Chuck Kelley, president of New Orleans Seminary, will lead a breakout on Southern Baptists and the progress of the fulfillment of the Great Commission as well as how to go forward with the Great Commission.

A Christian perspective on understanding Islam will be offered by James Walker, president of Watchman Fellowship. This breakout session will be a “crash course,” covering the essential questions Christians need when confronted with the Islam faith by Muslim neighbors and friends.

In a breakout session titled “Can we talk?” John Meador, senior pastor of Euless, Texas, First, will emphasize how pastors of any church size can equip church members to share the Gospel conversationally.

A discussion topic in another breakout session led by Mark Becton,  senior pastor of Richmond, Va., Grove Avenue will be “Seeking God’s Face and Seeking God’s Work.” Through biblical truths and historical and current accounts of God’s activity, Becton will address how Christians are merely responsible for faithfulness while God is the fruit producer.

Rodney Keith, senior pastor of Jacksonville, Fla.,  Gardenview is leading a breakout session called “Learning and living out the Gospel of Jesus Christ.” Keith addresses how soul-winning is the job of not just church staff, but every born-again believer of Jesus Christ.

Keith will equip attendees with knowledge and tools that help accomplish the Great Commission in individual mission fields and how simple sharing the Good News can be.

Alan Quigley, BGCO mobilization team leader, will lead a session on the biblical relevancy of evangelistic meetings, namely revivals or crusades. Should they still be a part of the church in this century? Biblical and practical differences will be compared as well as how to incorporate both of these in the life of churches today.

Advancing the Gospel through student ministry will be the focus in the breakout session led by Brian Baldwin, BGCO student evangelism and missions specialist. He will discuss how Christ centered student ministry takes focus by going through the Book of Acts and pulling out key points to students being evangelism and discipleship focused.

An Upward Sports-focused session, led by Colby Morris, new leader recruitment specialist from Upward Sports, will address the benefits of a turn-key ministry and how it can work for churches by increasing the evangelistic impact in communities.

A Church Renewal Weekend session will be offered, as attendees will discuss giving church members a break and allowing them to receive a fresh touch from God. The session will be led by Doug Passmore of East Lawton, First.

Hal and Rita Carpenter, Child Evangelism Fellowship missionaries to western Oklahoma, will lead a breakout session on how churches can have weekly after-school bible clubs at local elementary schools.

An Evangelism Explosion (EE) session will be led by Jim Stewart, EE south region coordinator. He will discuss how to lead church members in sharing the Gospel in their everyday lives.

EE Deaf Ministry Coordinator Patty Webb, will lead a breakout session for the deaf entitled High-Five Witnessing/Eternity in Your Hand by letting one’s hand become a tool to help remember what to say in learning to love the lost as Jesus does and overcome fear of witnessing.

Lastly, the Oklahoma Conference of Southern Baptist Evangelists (OCOSBE) will explore how churches can benefit from utilizing music and preaching evangelists to help fulfill the Great Commission in communities. 

Through the work of these men and women speaking as messengers from the Lord at SEC, the Gospel will be studied, applied and honored.

“We ask that people pray for us to hear from God as we gather to meet with Him. Having a bunch of speakers come in doesn’t do anything unless we choose to listen, “ said Napier, “And our hope is that Oklahoma Baptists would walk away with a sense of boldness to share the Gospel.”

To register prior to arrival at SEC, visit If funding is an issue for pastors, contact the BGCO evangelism office for options.