The Baptist Messenger’s beloved writer, Walker Moore, and the Baptist Messenger staff are teaming up to promote a recipe contest toward the making of a new cookbook. We’ll take your all-time favorite recipes, add a dash of Walker’s stories of humor and hope, mix them together and have ourselves a one-of-a-kind cookbook.

Whose recipe will reign supreme? Which church will win bragging rights for having the best cook in the convention? Who will be crowned “potluck royalty”?

Submit your recipe entry today!


To participate, you may submit multiple recipes in any of the follow seven categories:


  1. Appetizers
  2. Soups and Salads
  3. Vegetables
  4. Main Dishes
  5. Breads and Rolls
  6. Desserts
  7. Miscellaneous



Recipes must be original (no “Betty Crocker” or previously published or copyrighted recipes). All recipes must be submitted by June 25, 2019.

Please use this online form to submit your recipes. Recipes may also be submitted by mail to: Cookbook Contest, PO Box 470265, Tulsa OK 74147 (Recipe entries submitted by mail that are illegible will not be considered).

All recipes will be submitted to a committee for review and judging. Not all recipes submitted will be selected. Recipes submissions will not be returned. Cookbooks are scheduled to be available Nov. 1, 2019.



When you submit your recipe, be sure to include the following:


Title and Story

Tell us the name of your recipe. It can be called Sister Bertha’s World-Famous Baked Beans or Grandma’s Secret Chocolate Bundt Cake. Share with us the story behind this recipe. Sometimes the story will be the factor that breaks a tie.



What kind of recipe is it: an appetizer, salad or vegetable? Is it a main dish, bread, dessert or something that doesn’t fit any of these categories? Add a simple description: “A new and tasty twist on a meat-and-potatoes dish, guaranteed to please a hungry family.” Or “A quick and easy, spicy salad you can make with one hand.” Include how many people the recipe will serve.



Use exact measurements: 1/4 cup of pecans, a teaspoon of vanilla and so on. Please list the ingredients in the order they are used.



Write out each step and be as thorough and descriptive as possible, mentioning every ingredient listed. List everything we need to know. For example, whether the oven needs to be preheated, or if a pan needs to be greased.



Note the preparation time and cooking time (For example, how long it takes to mix, how long to cook and have it ready for the table).


What We Cannot Accept

Something you took out of a published cookbook. All submissions need to be original or family recipes.

Anything that uses alcohol.



A winner will be selected in each category, and each winner will receive a free signed cookbook. The Grand Prize contestant will receive two autographed cookbooks, a complete set of Walker’s books, a $100 cash prize—and “bragging rights” as the “king or queen of the potluck realm.”


Not all recipes submitted will be selected. Not all recipes will be published in the cookbook or featured in the Baptist Messenger. Winners will be notified and announced by the fall of 2019.



For any contest questions, please contact




Fill out this online form or mail your entries to the following mailing address:

Cookbook Contest

PO Box 470265

Tulsa OK 74147