The State Evangelism Conference (SEC), Jan. 29-30, is a perfect time for us as a family of Oklahoma Baptist to refocus and re-energize our hearts and attention to the heart of God—the urgent need for souls to be saved.

The theme for the 2018 SEC is “Urgency.” The focal scripture passage is, “We must quickly carry out the tasks assigned us by the one who sent us. The night is coming and then no one can work” (John 9:4 NLT). I pray that God will use this year’s SEC to penetrate the hearts of Oklahoma Baptists once again to share the Gospel with Urgency! The SEC will be at Oklahoma City, Southern Hills, 8601 South Pennsylvania Avenue. To register online go to This will save you time when you arrive at the conference.

It seems many things in life distract us from sharing the Gospel. For some of us, it might be the distraction of fear. For others, the distraction of questions we ourselves have yet to have answered. For others, it might be the distraction of not having a clear and concise way to share the Gospel. There are many other distractions that could be listed here.

The bottom line is, when we are distracted, the urgency is no longer paramount in our hearts and lives, and we do not share the Gospel. Whatever your distraction is, I pray that God will help you set it aside and proceed in 2018 with Urgency. The State Evangelism Conference will help you discover the tools you need to achieve this.

The tools you will receive will come through worship, preaching and strong breakouts. Leading our worship will be Matt Blagg and his band. Matt’s heart for worship and soulful sound will leave you engaged, encouraged and inspired.

God speaking through speakers like Ed Newton, Greg Matte, Don Wilton, Junior Hill, John Sorenson and many more, I pray, will lead us to see with new eyes the need for Urgency to share the Gospel. On Monday morning, Ken Davis, a Christian comedian and preacher, will bring us to tears through laughter, and tears of conviction at the same time.

There are 19 breakouts to choose from. These are led by well-known leaders in evangelism making a difference in Gods Kingdom. A complete list of leaders and the titles of their breakouts can be found at Some of these leaders are, Don Wilton, Art Hallet, David Burton, James Walker and Daniel Im. A Women’s session led by Amy Cordova and Lina Abujamra promises to be powerfully used by God.

All of this is preceded by the SEC Night of Prayer, Jan. 28, also at Oklahoma City, Southern Hills. The importance of prayer and evangelism cannot be overestimated. This will begin at 5 p.m. with worship being led by Matt Blagg and his band. We will have a focused time of encouragement and prayer, seeking God to fill us with a renewed Urgency to share the Gospel. We will also be praying over SEC Leaders during this time. 

Because of Oklahoma Baptists faithfully giving through the Cooperative Program, the SEC is free for all to attend. Cooperative Program giving also will assist some senior pastors, making it where they can attend. If you know of a senior pastor who is not able to attend the 2018 SEC due to finances, the BGCO Evangelism office has limited budgeted dollars set aside to cover fuel, basic meals and a hotel.

For more details on this or any questions about the SEC 2018, please contact our office at 405/942-3800, Ext. 4327, or email us at or I look forward to seeing you at the 2018 State Evangelism Conference.