NEWCASTLE—“We just want Caleb to be fully restored. Our big prayer is that God, in a way that only He can, heals Caleb’s brain in such a way that it’s no mistake that God did it.” These were the words of Jeremy Freeman, pastor of Newcastle, First, in his interview with the Baptist Messenger just four and a half months ago.

Jeremy Freeman, Caleb’s father and pastor of Newcastle, First, wore all of his son’s track medals in support and honor of him and his recovery.
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Freeman spoke of his son, Caleb, who, in December 2017, was involved in a car wreck. The wreck left Caleb, 16, in the hospital in critical condition, suffering from brain trauma and several other injuries. In mid-January, Caleb was transferred to Craig Hospital in Colorado for rehabilitation purposes.

Since that first story in the Baptist Messenger, and even since the one that followed in mid-March, Caleb has healed and improved in ways that has everyone standing back and praising God.

Caleb’s progress and God’s miraculous work were celebrated through an event at Newcastle, First on Sun., April 22. The event included many avenues for raising money for the Freemans’ medical fund, including food trucks, various jewelry and T-shirt booths, as well as the main attraction of a 5K run and one-mile fun run.

Runners, walkers, strollers and crawlers from around the world were able to participate due to the use of a virtual participation app.

All 50 states were counted as well as 13 different countries among the runners.

Nearly 2,000 people participated in the festivities at Newcastle, First. Police officers who served at the event were in awe at what one called

Caleb Freeman and his mother Emily watch the 5K from his hospital room in Colorado.

“The biggest event Newcastle has ever seen.”

Caleb was represented at the 5K by his father, Jeremy, who took all 50 of Caleb’s past track and cross-country medals and wore them as he ran the 5K.

When Jeremy crossed the finish line, he was greeted by the women who administered the participants’ medals. The woman who gave Jeremy his completion medal also happened to be one of the first people on the scene of Caleb’s car wreck.

Tears poured down Jeremy’s face as he accepted the medal and offered his gratitude to the woman who found and prayed over Caleb from the very beginning of his journey.

Caleb and his mother, Emily, watched the 5K event and festivities from his hospital room in Colorado through FaceTime. Caleb continues to recover more quickly than anyone anticipated.

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