BEAUMONT, Tex.—When Tropical Storm Imelda hit recently, during a period of two days that led to some 40 inches of rainfall in Southeast Texas, areas of the state experienced devastating flooding.

Among the most impacted communities was Beaumont, Texas. Oklahoma Baptist Disaster Relief (DR) was asked to serve in the wake of flooding, according to Don Williams, state director of Oklahoma Baptist DR.

“We were assigned to Calvary Baptist to assist in mud-out recovery, along with teams from the SBC of Texas and Alabama,” said Williams. “We also have feeding, chaplains, assessors and incident command personal volunteers. Our current commitment, which began in early October, is for four weeks.”

A DR “blue hat” leader of one of the projects was Brent Headrick, and his mud-out team had 12 volunteers.

“We were able to complete work on six homes,” said Headrick. “We were able to share the Gospel and pray with numerous people. While working on the homes, numerous people driving by would stop and thank us for coming all the way from Oklahoma to help. The people we served said: ‘Just by seeing you all here, it gives us hope.’”

Oklahoma Baptist DR was able to confirm one profession of faith in Christ during the week the groups served. While devastation came to these parts of Texas, God worked out blessings in the aftermath.

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