The MY316 New Believer’s book, Following Jesus from the Beginning, is now available—free of charge.

Oklahoma Baptists have already paid for the 71-page new believer’s book through their generous giving to the Edna McMillan State Mission’s Offering and the Cooperative Program (CP). These books are given at no additional cost to BGCO-affiliated churches.

“The book leads readers to interact with key Scriptures on subjects vital to new believers,” said author Randall Adams, leader of the BGCO Church Outreach Team.   “The lessons are designed for weekly review in a small group setting or one-on-one with a mentor.  They are written for adults, but could be used with young people as well.”

Topics included in the book are: “MY316—helping new believers pray for their lost family and friends, share Jesus with them and serve them;” “Obeying God’s Word;” “Prayer;” “Connecting to God through Prayer;” “Loving God and Loving Others;” “The Church as the Body of Christ;” “Suffering and Persecution” and “A Gospel for the World.”

Also available are five weeks of MY316 Sunday School lessons for children, youth, young adults and adults in both English and Spanish.

• Basics about MY316

1. It’s simple, simple, simple! It’s your story and John 3:16.
2. No cost! It is fully resourced with materials funded by the CP and State Missions Offering. Materials can be accessed through
3. Customizable! Designed for use in Sunday School and worship so as to reach all attendees, but can be used any way the church chooses, with any age person.
4. No need to add to schedule! Employs existing church ministries of Sunday School and worship; nothing needs to be added to teach MY316. It can also be used with other outreach strategies, such as G.R.O.W.
5. Actually doing! Praying, serving and sharing, not simply classroom learning.

Churches have permission to reproduce copies of MY316 materials for their own use, not for resale or publishing purposes. Since these items have been made possible through CP funds, they are free for churches that cooperate financially with the Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma.

Copies of Following Jesus from the Beginning and all other MY316 resources may be ordered either by e-mail from Lindsey Craig at, or by calling her at 405/942-3000, ext. 4313.