FRANKLIN, Tenn.—A dramatic new motion picture will open in 1,200 theaters across the nation to coincide with the Sept. 11 commemoration of Patriot Day and to serve as a reminder that our freedom isn’t free—even here in the U.S., where all too often, apathy leads to an erosion of our personal liberties.

“Last Ounce of Courage” is an intergenerational story of a grieving father inspired by his grandson to take a stand for faith and freedom against a tide of apathy and vanishing liberty. Against a backdrop of military conflict abroad and domestic wars against freedom, a highly-decorated combat veteran is reminded that we best honor our fallen heroes by not holding too loosely what they gave their all to defend. Alongside fellow citizens of courage, faith and integrity, he champions the cherished principles we the people hold dear.

Starring Marshall Teague as small-town mayor Bob Revere, the movie uses the vehicle of a public religious display to ignite a spark and lights a fire under a community that honors its American values, but has tired of fighting the “American Civil Liberties Organization” (ACLO) over the rights guaranteed them by the Constitution. Former NFL great Fred Williamson plays the villain as the head of the ACLO.

Encouraged by his grandson, played by Hunter Gomez, and his wife Dottie, played by Academy Award nominee Jennifer O’Neill, Bob finally takes a stand for his beliefs and revives his townspeople’s latent patriotism. Leading the younger generation to join in and make a difference is Bob’s young neighbor, Maddie Rogers, played by Jenna Boyd, who comically hijacks the town’s annual generic school pageant.

The film is being produced by Veritas Entertainment, under the leadership of Kevin McAfee and Steve Griffin, both of whom have a passion for creating and reaching audiences with entertainment products centered around the character values that undergird family, faith and freedom.

“Seldom do filmmakers come across such a heartwarming story, a powerful cast and a script that stirs the passion and imagination of faith-based audiences, but plays to the general market as ‘Last Ounce of Courage’,” McAfee and Griffin said. “This is more than a movie with heart, it cries out for freedom— birthed in the heartland and now coming to theaters across the nation.”

In conjunction with the release of the film, the producers are launching a new social media platform, StandUSA, designed to engage Americans in the everyday fight for freedom. Serving to unite disparate voices around the common value of preserving liberty, it will amplify the message to reach and motivate the largest audience possible.

“StandUSA becomes a social broadcast network for our American values,” Griffin said. “A social network on Facebook will unite citizens, thought leaders and national and grassroots organizations, giving voice to those with the courage, character and conviction to represent this country and its cherished freedoms.”

To join StandUSA, visit Visit for more about “Last Ounce of Courage.”