What is the value of attending a ReConnect Sunday School Regional Clinic? Consider the following list as you ponder participating in one of the 15 regional clinics available this August around our state.

/// Trained leaders

Research of Georgia’s 100 fastest growing churches by the Georgia Baptist Convention revealed that the most common characteristic of a growing church was leadership training. Leaders that receive ongoing training are going to be better leaders.

/// Strategy connection

Many church members are not aware that their small group organization is their church’s primary strategy for evangelism and discipleship. No other organization in the church has more members or a larger platform to connect people to Christ than its Sunday School. We help leaders understand that their group is more than a one-hour weekly event; it is the church’s primary process of making disciples. The better this process is understood by the church’s Sunday School leaders, the more effective it will become.

/// Skill development

In every breakout session at a ReConnect Clinic (pastors, Sunday School directors, adult, student, grade school, and preschool leaders), we teach skill development. The aim of a ReConnect Clinic is to sharpen a teacher’s skills as well as help connect them to the church’s mission of evangelism and discipleship. The better skills a teacher has in teaching, organizing and leading will increase the disciple-making opportunities of their group.

/// Team Building

A testimony from many pastors and church leaders from previous ReConnect Clinics is that the drive home after a clinic becomes a team building exercise itself. Leaders of all age groups share new discoveries. In addition, every ReConnect Clinic is built to support Sunday School as the church’s primary strategy to connect people to Jesus, His Truth, His community, and His mission, no matter what age group they may lead in Sunday School.

/// Ministry Support

Churches have multitudes of ministries. A solid Sunday School or small group organization will enhance the effectiveness of other ministries. Many leaders of church ministries got their start in a Sunday School group. ReConnect Regional Clinics are focused on helping group leaders make disciples of the people in their group. These disciples are better trained and equipped to become leaders in other ministries of the church.

Visit ReConnectSS.com/clinics for more information on the 15 ReConnect Sunday School Regional Clinics this August.