I have a friend who found herself facing a very difficult choice. She was in her late twenties, divorced twice, with four children. Then she became pregnant with her fifth child. She and her boyfriend knew that they couldn’t provide for another baby, so they sat down to consider other options. As a Christian, my friend knew in her heart that God is the giver of life, and that she could never have an abortion. So, they chose to put their baby up for adoption.

Many women in Oklahoma face unplanned pregnancies each year and, under current laws, they have three choices: keep the baby, choose to end the baby’s life through abortion, or put the baby up for adoption. Thankfully, my friend chose the later. Today, that child is healthy, happy, and well cared for by his adoptive family.

Recently, I visited a Hope Pregnancy Center in North OKC and was impressed with the facility, their workers, and the services they provide. Not only do they offer free pregnancy tests and ultrasounds, they also counsel women and couples who are considering their legal options. Oklahoma’s “Informed Consent” law requires that they be given a detailed explanation of each procedure. As people realize through education all that is entailed in getting an abortion, they begin to see that it’s not the easy choice it’s been made out to be. Many become more open to the idea of raising their child. Then, once they’ve seen the ultrasound of the baby inside the mother’s womb, most abandon any thought of abortion.

If they choose to keep their baby, prenatal classes are offered through the entire nine months. These provide vital education regarding the health and wellness of both mother and baby. They teach first time parents what happens in delivery and what to expect with a newborn. Once the baby is born, Hope follows that family through the first year of life. They are offered positive parenting classes and are rewarded with “baby bucks” which can be used to purchase baby clothes and necessities through the on site Baby Boutique.

All of the services provided by Hope Pregnancy Center are invaluable to expectant mothers. But the most amazing part of their ministry is the relationships that are built with positive caring adults who exemplify the love of Christ to people who are in crisis.

There are five Hope Pregnancy Center locations across Oklahoma including Edmond, Tulsa, and Ardmore and there are two in Oklahoma City. You can find information and contact numbers for each center at thinkimpregnant.org.