DAVIS—Viewers worldwide now have the chance to experience the evening worship service at Falls Creek Baptist Conference Center with the implementation of live streaming of the service at www.skopos.org/fclive.

The June 7 evening worship service was the first service streamed live via the Internet. The Evening Tabernacle Experience will continue to be streamed at 7:45 p.m., Mon.-Fri., each week.

Scott Phillips, Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma Church and Family Equipping Team leader, said the live streaming is a “huge” development.

“It’s a really big deal. It’s the first time we have had sessions streamed worldwide,” Phillips said. “The technology has worked very well since the first night.

“Every year, we get requests for people to be able to see the services—we have even had some requests for the services to be televised—but it has just recently become economically feasible for us to do this.

“Just think, we’ll now have Oklahoma missionaries around the world—who may have been called by God at Falls Creek—able to watch Falls Creek for the first time since they were young people. Our IT guys have done a fantastic job. I can’t commend them enough for making this possible.”