Falls Creek was born from prayer and a burden for souls.

Under pressure, the founders of Falls Creek, J. B. Rounds and W. D. Moorer, were receiving complaints about their selection of Falls Creek as the home of a summer camp for Oklahoma Baptists. Parents did not want to send their children to such a “deserted place.” So in late July 1917, the two men walked up Buzzard Hill discussing all the things that were wrong with the location. You can imagine that they were discouraged and filled with fears. On the top of that hill, they turned the location over to the Lord. Rounds was so troubled that he carefully worded the burden of his heart:

“Father, we’ve worked hard for this assembly, and we both love it very much. If you would have Oklahoma Baptists go on with an assembly at Falls Creek, show us… Let us see at least one conversion.”

They saw two: Pearl and Bonnie Bruebaker (Baptist Milestones in Oklahoma, p. 196).

As you read this article, May is passing into June, and the season for summer camps has arrived. We are beginning the second century of Falls Creek. We will also gather children at CrossTimbers, and across our state, Baptists will meet at a dozen different campgrounds. Would you join me in committing to pray for our camps this summer? Pray for the sponsors and cooks, the preachers and worship leaders, the pastors and camp staff. Of course, pray for the campers. Ask God for safe travel, for good health, for powerful worship and productive invitations. Focus your praying on two things:

First, ask God to bring many people to saving faith in Jesus Christ. Last year we celebrated 100 years at Falls Creek with a record number of 2,580 conversions. Let’s ask God to give us even more this summer. Oh, Father, convict thousands of their sin, convince them of the Gospel truth and draw them to Jesus as Lord in repentance and faith. Lord, give us souls this summer.

Second, ask God to call out hundreds to be ministers of the Gospel. We need more pastors, ministers and missionaries, and God has blessed our summer camps in this way over the years. We need it now more than ever. Oh Father, anoint your preachers and leaders to call out the called this week. Raise up an army of Gospel servants to lead us in the future. Give us wisdom to establish them on the pathway of effective Kingdom service.

Let’s commit these camps to the Lord in prayer.