Guests: Gregory Thornbury, Mark Devine, Micah Fries, Justin Wainscott

Modern church life can be downright confusing. Just when one movement or fad has peaked in evangelical life, another comes to take its place and often leads in an entirely different direction. These days differences are pronounced and becoming more so with each passing year.

Terms such as Emergent and Emerging; Modern and Post-Modern; Missional and Attractional; are converging on local congregations not seen since the days of the Reformation when Christian doctrine is being re-examined.

What exactly is the Emerging Church Movement? What is the Emergent Village? Who are some of the key leaders influencing evangelicals today? Is the Southern Baptist Convention feeling the effect of emerging winds which are blowing through SBC churches? Are those who identify with the Emerging Church Movement heretics intent only on corrupting Christian doctrine and creating havoc in local churches?

Guests for this podcast:

Dr. Mark Devine serves as the Associate Professor of Divinity at Beeson Divinity School in Birmingham, AL. He has performed extensive research on the Emergent Village and the Emerging Church Movement.

Dr. Gregory Thornbury, Dean of the School of Christian Studies at Union University has studied the philosophical roots of the trends impacting the modern church and the culture.

Micah Fries serves as the Senior Pastor of the Frederick Blvd. Baptist Church in St. Joseph, MO. He is an influential blogger in and beyond the Southern Baptist Convention.

Justin Wainscott – Teaching pastor at the First Baptist Church of Paducah, KY – a more traditional congregation with a changing demographic of members.

Part I
Emergent or Emerging – What is the Difference?; Don Carson on the Emergent Left; Two Streams in the Emerging Church Movement; Contextualization – What is it?; Epistemology – What is it?; Pre-modern, Modern, Post-Modern: Does it Matter?; Missional – What is it?; Missional and Attractional Ministry; Mark Driscoll – Friend or Foe?; The Enlightenment – Does it Matter?


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Part II
The Bible – Inerrancy and Authority; Relevants,Reconstructionists, Revisionists – Three Visions, Three Goals?; Christian Preaching – Its Emerging Future; An Emerging Idolatry?; Neo-Orthodoxy in New Garb; Modern Idolatry and Emergent; Emerging and
the Southern Baptist Future.


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