I found this video on an emergent web site and simply found it unbelievable. Brian McLaren, known as the Father of the Emergent Church, not only posted this video, but also endorsed it and encouraged people to check it out and see the value in it. Here is what McLaren says about differing religions:

“Speaking of Buddhism, I just rediscovered a wonderful website with this beautiful article about Christianity and Buddhism. As I explain in the new book, we need a way to see members of other religions first and foremost as neighbors with whom we share, not simply enemies or competitors to be conquered. We can’t make the false choice between strong Christian identity and strong sense of hospitality and neighborliness with the “religiously other.” Jesus models a way of choosing both strong identity as disciples and strong hospitality as neighbors. What a beautiful alternative!”
-Excerpt taken from

It is simply unbelievable to me that people can honestly call Brian McLaren a born again Christian!  Jesus never, ever called us to be tolerant of false religions and belief systems, but rather to “proclaim” that He is the ONLY “Way, Truth and Life.”  Church, it is time to rise up and proclaim the glorious Gospel of Jesus with bold love!  I love how Matthew wrote it in his Gospel: “And He (Jesus) went throughout all Galilee, teaching in their synagogues and proclaiming the Gospel of the Kingdom…”  I am thankful Jesus did not go into the synagoges and say, “Can’t we just all get along and live together and peace and harmony.”  I’m thankful He PROCLAIMED the true Gospel of the Kingdom.  May we be true followers of Jesus and let Him turn us into the “fishers of men” He told us He would make us into!