Where is Mr. Smith when you need him? In the 1939 drama, “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington,” actor James Stewart portrays Jefferson Smith, a law-abiding citizen who is chosen by the Governor to replace a deceased Senator.

Shortly after his arrival in Washington D.C., the media label Smith as a buffoon having no business at the nation’s Capitol. In an effort to save his reputation and valuable legislation, Smith launches into a passionate filibuster on the Senate floor that captivates the nation. In the end, he is the victor and comes to represent the difference a person of character can make in the bureaucratic process we call government.

Recent political news headlines are packed full of mud slinging, accusations of wrong doing, and sentencing that has resulted in jail time for several prominent political icons. Although it makes for a great Hollywood script, such ugliness is hardly the inspiration needed to motivate aspiring quality candidates for public office. Or is it? If a lack of integrity and dignity among some of our political leaders doesn’t compel us to take action and seek better candidates, what will?

While there are certainly many courageous and excellence politicians who are making a difference in the political process, the huge absence of basic citizenship and godly character among a large number of public officials can not be ignored.

There are many ways to make a difference in our culture. One of the most powerful ways to make an impact in our society is to run for public office. How might our cities, states and nations operate if people of faith answered the call to serve their family, friends and Lord as a public servant?

It is important to remember that candidates don’t have to win in order to make a difference. Running for office alone provides an excellent opportunity to bring important issues to the forefront. While winning does provide additional venues for impacting our culture, maintaining a voice as a viable candidate can not be under estimated.

It takes courage, hard work, commitment and prayerful consideration, but it is time for several Oklahoma Baptists to determine now is the time to enter the race and run for public office.

Candidates who believe the Lord may be calling them to serve should contact their party of affiliation and make them aware of their interest in running for office. Now is the time for potential candidates to make their intentions known. The political season will be over before we know it. Contact information for the two major parties is provided below. Time to run? One person can make a difference. Perhaps that person is reading this editorial.

Oklahoma Democratic Party

George Krumme Center

4100 N. Lincoln Blvd.

Oklahoma City, OK 73105

Phone: 405/427-3366

Fax: 405/427-1310


Oklahoma Republican Party

4031 North Lincoln Blvd.

Oklahoma City, OK 73105

Phone: 405/528-3501

Fax: 405/521-9531