After months of preparation and effort, the Singing Men of Oklahoma are within weeks of leaving for the nation of Armenia. This is a project that focuses on expressing deep Christian love to the people of Armenia. In 301, Christianity was introduced to Armenia, and that was the first nation in history to officially adopt Christianity as the national religion.

The Singing Men of Oklahoma have sung around the world as ambassadors of goodwill and faith. As Christian people and Americans, the choir works to build bridges for strengthening relationships among people across the world. They go to Armenia with great respect for the Christian heritage of the Armenian people.

This trip is especially significant, as the Singing Men will sing at the Genocide Memorial on the day the nation comes to pay honor to those who died. Oklahoma was one of the early states to officially recognize the genocide. As part of their participation the Singing Men will plant a tree on the memorial grounds as an expression of compassion, empathy and Christian love to the Armenian people.

In preparing for the trip the choir has learned songs in the Armenian language. In addition to singing at the Genocide Memorial the men will present concerts at several different locations across the nation.

We ask all to join in prayer for the Singing Men as they travel. Pray that God will use them to show His love to the Armenian people.