A round of applause for the Supreme Court please! Earlier this month the Supreme Court declined to review a 2004 case filed in Tulsa Federal Court which challenged Oklahoma’s “Choose Life” license plate program. The Supreme Court let stand the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Tenth Circuit’s March 2007 ruling. The appellate court concluded that fees voluntarily paid by Oklahoma motorists for specialty license plates are state taxes. According to federal law, taxpayers must challenge state taxes imposed on them in state court.

That’s right, the Oklahoma Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice and six Oklahoma motorists contend Oklahoma’s license plate program makes it more difficult for them to obtain abortion rights license plates and therefore infringes on their constitutional rights. Oh really? What about the rights of the thousands of babies that have had the life literally sucked out of them? Who considered their rights?

The Supreme Court made the right decision. Their lack of a decision does give at least some consideration for the life of the unborn by not allowing abortion activists “Choose Death” license plates that promote murder.

Think about it. Should the state promote murder? If proponents of the “pro-choice” plates were to be honest about it, their plate would read, “Choose Death.”

Are these harsh words? Yes, but they are nothing compared to the brutal reality that the brains and limbs of thousands of beautiful babies are washed down the drains of abortion clinics all across America.

Some may argue that abortion activists have their rights. This argument may hold true if you agree it is acceptable to kill innocent babies. The Supreme Court got it right this time. Enough is enough. For far too long abortion activists have beat their drum demanding more rights. More rights? To do what? Kill babies.

Make no mistake about it. Baby killer license plates would only do one thing. Kill more babies. Yes, it is about rights. It is about the rights of a human life to have every opportunity to live.

Abortion activists say state lawmakers could have resolved this issue by simply making “pro-choice” plates equally available to motorists. So far they have refused. But don’t think for a minute this issue is over. Unlike innocent babies who are aborted every day, abortion advocates don’t die easy. Advocates have promised to consider their options and continue the fight for their rights.

May we be so bold as to suggest that abortion activists quit fighting for their so-called rights and start considering what the Lord would have them do? A good starting point would be to visit the neo-natal unit at any hospital, gaze into the eyes of a baby fighting for its right to life and then ask themselves if they would have the guts or courage to reach in and pull the plug. We didn’t think so. Then why on Earth would you want to promote a license plate that would do the same? Not in our state. Thank you, Supreme Court. Oklahoma Baptists and every baby that will breathe its first breath says thank you, thank you for taking a stand for the most innocent among us.

To order a “Choose Life” license plate, visit www.oktax.state.ok.us/sp2.html for an online application that can be submitted at local tag offices or at the Oklahoma Tax Commission. “Choose Life” license plates cost $37. For each license plate sold, $20 goes to a fund administered by the Department of Human Services for nonprofit organizations for counseling and other needs of pregnant women.