Methamphetamine is one of the most addictive substances known to man. A recent survey shows Oklahoma high school seniors are more likely to try methamphetamine than their peers nationwide. Many of them will do so thinking that they will try it only once-but the addiction will be for a lifetime. Meth users who started as young as middle and high school are now adults mired in an addiction seemingly beyond their control. This deadly drug is destroying homes, families and lives across the sooner state. Fewer than 10 percent of meth addicts achieve long-term sobriety.

Methamphetamine has plagued Oklahoma for years, and despite our best efforts, the drug has continued to take a toll on our state. You and your church’s participation and involvement are needed in a very important and critical statewide campaign designed to raise awareness of the deadly effects of crystal methamphetamine: Crystal Darkness.

In Oklahoma, historic steps were made by passing the country’s toughest anti-meth legislation. Numerous states followed. Despite that law, the meth epidemic still robs Oklahoma youth and adults of their future and replaces it with despair. Crystal Darkness has the power to ignite a grassroots movement, give Oklahomans the chance to make a difference and provides opportunities for Southern Baptists to share where true healing and freedom begins-Jesus.

Never before have Oklahomans been as mobilized and united to combat a single issue as they have with Crystal Darkness. The Crystal Darkness Campaign is a unique collaboration between the local media, faith-based groups, schools, law enforcement, government, recovery specialists and the business community. Oklahomans are uniting together to address this challenge through a 30-minute documentary, Crystal Darkness, which will air statewide on all local media stations at 6:30 p.m. on Jan. 13, 2009.

The campaign is modeled after similar programs in Nevada, California, Oregon and Arizona. It is aimed at increasing meth awareness, as well as providing treatment and law enforcement assistance to communities-large and small-across Oklahoma. The documentary will feature gripping testimonials that graphically portray the devastating impact meth has had on families and communities across our state. Will your community be represented in this documentary?

Because of the extensive publicity that will lead up to the airing of Crystal Darkness, it is possible for a majority of Oklahomans to see this program. The results of this unprecedented campaign can be realized for years to come.

Your involvement is a key component to this effort’s success. Organizers of the campaign know that there will be no long-lasting positive impact unless the faith community is involved. They have asked Oklahoma Southern Baptists to host Watch Parties in our communities, so we can rally around one another and fight this problem.

Community Watch Parties will be held statewide to view the documentary and provide a forum for church and community members to discuss the problem, how it relates to their specific area and how they can tackle the meth problem. Watch Parties can be created according to how it will best serve your church and community. Parties can be publicized on the Crystal Darkness Web site so others in the community can join you if they’d like.

Now is the time to fight back. the challenge is to prayerfully consider hosting a community watch party in your church, community center or home to help raise awareness regarding this deadly plague. For more information, to find out how to host a community watch party or gain resources to promote your watch party, visit