It’s great to be back in civilization! My wife and I went nine days without power at our house, which means we vacated the premises to her mom’s house where we had no internet. This means no convenient access to post a DHD last week.

Thankfully, things are back up and running. We are happy to be back to our routines, including Olive. The transient life is no fun for a spoiled Shih Tzu.

There is a lot happening this week, which means I was able to find quite a bit of content for the DHD.

Let’s get to it!

  1. ‘Ugliest, Contentious Presidential Election’

The presidential election has not officially declared a winner. Reports of voter fraud continue throughout many states, including Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.

I’m not going to let however this presidential election ends affect me. I’m not watching the news for updates. If by chance I see a report from a legitimate source, I’ll adhere. Otherwise, I’ll just keep scrolling.

As I’ve written before, I’m at peace about the election. “Make your motions and cast your votes, but God has the final say” (Prov. 16:33 MSG). Knowing that God has the final say is enough for me to be content.

Though this is an ugly election, it is not historically the ugliest. Smithsonian Magazine published an article in 2012 titled “The Ugliest, Most Contentious Presidential Election Ever.” In 1876, Rutherford B. Hayes went to bed the night of his presidential election a “gloomy man” because it appeared he lost.

For history buffs, the article is a fascinating read and reveals much of the attitude and demeanor of our country, as well as what went on for Hays to serve as the 19th U.S. President.

I share this to say, life can and will go on. Our world is corrupt and has been corrupt. But God remains faithful, and He is definitely in control.

  1. More Pro-life Women Serving in Congress

Liberty Council reported the number of pro-life women serving in U.S. Congress has doubled after this year’s election, including Oklahoman Stephanie Bice who won the Fifth District seat for U.S. House of Representatives.

“A record number of pro-life women will now be serving in Congress,” Liberty Council reported, “including 13 new Republicans, seven of whom have replaced pro-abortion Democrat-held seats. These election victories mean the number of pro-life women in the House will double.

“All 11 pro-life women incumbents won reelection, while at least 13 new pro-life women will join the House in January. Maria Salazar (FL), Yvette Herrell (NM), Michelle Fischbach (MN), Nancy Mace (SC), Stephanie Brice (OK), Ashley Hinson (IA), and Nicole Malliotakis (NY) flipped Democrat-held seats. Six other pro-life women will replace pro-life men in the House: Lauren Boebert (CO), Lisa McClain (MI), Kat Cammack (FL), Diana Harshbarger (TN), Mary Miller (IL), and Marjorie Taylor Greene (GA).”

This is an encouraging sign for me. We need strong leadership in our country who will speak out in support for the Sanctity of Life.

  1. Louisiana approves abortion restriction law

Another good result from Election Night this week happened in Louisiana. Baptist Press reported the state passed “Louisiana Amendment 1 declaring no state constitutional right to abortion nor abortion funding.”

The BP story also reported this amendment honoring Sanctity of Life “was authored by a Democratic state senator and supported by Democratic Gov. John Bel Edwards.”

It does my heart good to read about this progress, especially among Democrat leaders.

  1. ‘Be a Berean!’

I love the example of the Bereans in Acts 17. They welcomed Paul and Silas, listened to their teaching and “examined the Scriptures daily to see if these things were so” (verse 10).

I once said in a small group Bible study the phrase, “Be a Berean,” meaning every Christian should examine the Scriptures for themselves to see if the teaching or preaching they have heard correlates with the Bible. A member of the study gave me a confused look after I said the phrase. “Did you say you want us to be a burrito?” he asked. I still laugh when I think of that memory.

A blog by Griffin Gulledge expands on the Bereans, and it’s a great and challenging read.

“The goal of emulating the Bereans is to bring about and strengthen faith,” Gulledge wrote. “It is Christ’s work and who he is, preached from the Scriptures, that saves and sanctifies. The Bereans had no Bibles. But they did have Christ. We have the Bible. And together, we should seek to find Christ there, and thereby be transformed into his image (2 Cor 3:17-18).”

  1. Oklahoma Baptists Annual Meeting

Next week, Oklahoma Baptists will meet at Broken Arrow, First for an abbreviated Annual Meeting, Nov. 10. Considering how COVID-19 has affected our lives, Oklahoma Baptists are actually one of the few state conventions that are meeting this year.

The meeting will just cover that Tuesday afternoon, but it will still feature many important items that involved our churches. I pray, even in these limited conditions, God will do a great work.

  1. Thunder thoughts

The National Basketball Association recently announced the 2020-21 season will begin Dec. 22. I’m glad this has been solidified. I’m looking forward to even a semblance of how life was before the pandemic.

Also, it is reported that the Thunder is close to naming a new head coach. The prospective name that has appeared is Will Weaver. I know nothing about Weaver and have never heard his name before now.

According to the ESPN report, Weaver is “held in high esteem among the NBA community.”