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Brent Prentice

Author: Brent Prentice

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  • Chad Kaminski

    Is he right? Does it all depend on our personal sacrifice?

    • Kenny Deason

      Really? I wonder how long it would take to Jesus to qualify every teaching, demand, and requirement of our lives before His words just become another meaningless breath of air that no more affects us than we do the world around us.

      • Chad Kaminski

        Yes, perhaps it was a bit trenchant of me.

  • Kenny Deason

    Haaaa…I didn’t want to sound like a jerk, but I do have an overarching concern with how little freedom we tend to give the plain spoken teachings of Jesus in the church.

    • Chad Kaminski

      I agree for the most part. And even though I believe the issue of unqualified statements would make for an interesting discussion, after reflecting, I realized it wasn’t prudent of me to latch onto David Platt’s statement for that purpose. Thank you for your graciousness.

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