In what could prove to be his most important book yet, the BGCO’s Prayer and Spiritual Awakening Specialist, Gregory Reed Frizzell, has issued a challenge that could be transformational for Oklahoma and the entire country.

Called Forty Days of Seeking God: For Revival, Elections and Key Leaders, the new release (available for order at delineates Sept. 23-Nov. 4 as a 40-day period of intense prayer, fasting and repentance before God.

“My assignment from the Lord was to write this specific book for this particular moment in our national and spiritual history,” said Frizzell. “The book is, of course, in no way political. The overwhelming emphasis is a genuine return to God in true revival and restored power in the Church. This tool is a 40-day Scripture-filled prayer journey that is for individuals, groups or whole churches.”

In a recent audio interview with the Baptist Messenger (available at
), Frizzell underscored some of the rampant social ills and sins in society today.

“If the American Church could plan and program our way to restoration, we would have done it by now,” he said. Frizzell sees prayer as our best and only hope.

The book is based on the Scriptures and has a very practical format. Each day challenges the reader to go beyond top-of-the-mind praying; instead Frizzell calls us to go deep with the Father.

“In Scripture, God’s people are called to discern the spiritual signs of the times and be alert to key periods of significance,” he said. “One thing is certain—these are not days for ‘business as usual’ in either the Church or the nation.”

Frizzell does not, of course, promise that a revival will occur. He does, however, historically explain some of the necessary prerequisites that preceded other revivals. “It is absolutely critical that God’s people beseech Heaven for genuine revival and the Lord’s direction in our land. The book, Forty Days of Seeking God, enables believers and churches to fulfill the Lord’s call to stand in the gap on behalf of our churches and nation. ”

In Forty Days of Seeking God, Frizzell reminds us of many key points. Perhaps most important is that we are calling on God to act, to do something we cannot make happen on our own accord.

When asked why he chose 40 days, Frizzell called to mind many moments in Scripture in which the number 40 was significant. Think of Jesus’ time of fasting and prayer in the desert.

With so many prayer resources and ministries abounding, Frizzell was asked why this new book is unique. “The book journey contains biblical prayers that have unique depth, kingdom perspective and
God-centeredness. According to Scripture, how and what we pray matter greatly,” he said. “Sadly, modern prayer efforts have often been so general and unfocused, there is little power. Forty Days of Seeking God can strengthen believers’ prayers long after this particular emphasis.”

Practical, biblical, challenging; Frizzell’s new book, Forty Days of Seeking God, is certainly for every conscientious believer today who, concerned by the sin in the land and their own heart, want to react in a good and godly way.