I was watching the video that below morning after breakfast and my six and four year-old sons started watching it with me. They both liked it so much they wanted to watch it again. I am always looking for ways to pump the gospel into the minds and hearts of my little boys, and I especially like this video as a means to that end for several reasons.

First, it keeps their attention with the sketching, but it also accompanies the imagery with a clear and understandable gospel message. Second, I like it because it grounds the gospel in creation. This is no reductionist gospel that begins with us and then heads straight to the Roman Road. This begins with God as perfect creator and then talks about the rebellion of a man, and consequently all of mankind, that necessitates the need for a perfect savior to come down to us to make a way to the perfect Father. When I watch this and see my sons watching it, I get the sense that they are getting the whole gospel, just as the apostles would have given the gospel in the sermons recorded in Acts. Just as Paul started with creation when speaking to people who had no knowledge of the creation account, so my boys need to know that God a good Creator and that we as prideful people have chosen to try to create our own goodness without God.

I love my sons and I want to give them all of the gospel that I can because that is my greatest joy and responsibility as a father. I find this resource very helpful in accomplishing that end. I hope others will find it useful as well.

What is the Gospel? from kyle otto on Vimeo.