Between The Times is a collaborative blog that is sponsored by Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary and includes the following contributors: Daniel Akin is president of Southeastern, Bruce Riley Ashford is the dean of The College at Southeastern, Nathan Finn is assistant professor of church history and Baptist studies at Southeastern, J. D. Greear is lead pastor of The Summit Church in Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina, Kenneth Keathley is dean of graduate studies and professor of theology at Southeastern, David P. Nelson is senior vice president for academic administration and dean of the faculty at Southeastern, Alvin Reid is professor of evangelism and student ministry at Southeastern and Ed Stetzer is President of Lifeway Research.

This is not a commercial for Southeastern (at least it is not intended to be) and it might seem odd that I am blogging and recommending another blog, but I am doing so primarily as a reference for some of the views concerning the Great Commission Resurgence (GCR) Task Force and its recommendations. On the Between the Times Blog there are several different posts about the GCR and some posts about the SBC in general that certainly have a lot to do with why the GCR exists in the first place. For an example of the latter: “Will Southern Baptists Ignore the Ongoing Decline?” by Ed Stezer.)

Here is the link: Between The Times. Several of the blogs about the GCR are on the first two pages. I hope this is helpful to people like myself who are trying to sift through a lot of opinions and information concerning a very important time in the life of our cooperation (SBC) for the sake of the King and His Kingdom.