Some things never change and some things never quit changing. Culture changes, but the human condition never does. Andrew Murray lived from 1828 to 1917 and was both a pastor and missionary in South Africa. He wrote a little devotional book called, Humility; The Journey Toward Holiness, which demonstrates the constancy of pride in humans.  In it he writes about the need for humility among Christians in his own day saying:

I cannot too greatly impress upon my readers the need of realizing the lack there is today of humility within Christian circles. There is so little of the meek and lowly Lamb of God in those who are called by His name. Let us consider how our lack of love, indifference to the needs and feelings of others, even sharp comments and hasty judgments that are often excused as being honest and straightforward, are thwarting the effect of the influence of the Holy Spirit on others. Manifestations of temper and touchiness and irritation, feelings of bitterness and estrangement, have their root in nothing but pride. Pride creeps in almost everywhere, and the assemblies of the saints are no exceptions. Let’s ask ourselves what would be the effect if all of us were guided by the humility of Jesus, that the cry of our whole heart, night and day, would be, “Oh, for the humility of Jesus in myself and all around me!” Let us honestly fix our heart on our lack of humility-that which has been revealed in the likeness of Christ’s life, in the whole character of His redemption-and realize how little we know of Christ and His salvation. Study the humility of Jesus.

I need to hear that often and remember it is true. Whether it is in our churches, our homes, at our work, concerning the GCR or whatever the case may be, we would all do well reflect on our constant struggle with pride and the unchangeable humility of Jesus Christ as our model.