My daughter, Alexandra (age 10), had to write an editorial for a school assignment. I thought that what she wrote was worth sharing. While I am proud of my daughter for her critical thinking skills, I thought she raised a great point.

Scary Is Gone

by Alexandra Bandy

People like to advertise movies, but have you ever thought of how children think of those commercials? Kids can become frightened from those scary movie commercials.

Scary commercials can be bad for a child’s thoughts. Changing scary movie commercial times will be better because younger children will not see it. Constantly telling a child that those images aren’t real won’t help, because they are still going through the age of mixing fantasy and reality.

Some people might want to know about those scary movies at an earlier time. Other  people think the ads can be highly violent for kids. It can be hard to choose the right side. Some people have said they try to change the channel before the commercial comes on. If they don’t know where the remote is, they will just have to close their eyes, but still have to listen to the commercial.

There can be many bad effects from children watching scary commercials. Seeing the commercials over and over will make you act violent at the age of 18. Children will also want to see those movies from watching those commericals.

If we all come together we can help children. We can also help make bad behavior less. One way to help is to advertise scary movies at a later time.