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A Panel Discussion Concerning Brian McLaren’s New Book

This is a helpful discussion held at Southern Seminary reflecting on Brian McLaren’s book, A New Kind of Christianity.  This is a book that must be rejected because it clearly rejects the clear and overt message of the Gospel!  I hope you will find the discussion as helpful as I did and share it with anyone who thinks Brian McLaren is harmless.  Any faithful follower of Christ and lover of His Word will be left with only one reaction….heresy!  This book has nothing in common with orthodoxy on any level.  It is simply unbelievable to me that anyone could possibly think that Brian McLaren is truly born again.

Jeremy Freeman

Author: Jeremy Freeman

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  • Brent

    Thanks Jeremy for posting this. I hope people will watch. A couple of thoughts:

    Give Southern Seminary Credit for taking on these discussions.

    There is a reason they do – because McLaren is very influential, especially among young adults without a substantial biblical foundation.

    There is a lot to be learned from this discussion other than to point out that McLaren is on a quest to advocate a belief system that has abandoned the gospel. Liberalism, theology, modernity, post-modernity etc., are all to be learned about from listening.

    A couple of quotes from the discussion:

    “A New Kind of Christianity by Brian McLaren ought to be called: An Old Kind of Apostasy.” “In this book McLaren takes off the sheep’s clothing.” – Bruce Ware

    “If you are an author and you put this much work into a project you desperately want to convince people you are right. I think this book is very credible, very convincing, very liberating, very fascinating, and extremely compelling so long as you don’t read the Bible. The problem is the Bible. If you actually read the Bible you are going to have to say this is an attempt to make the Bible say something it doesn’t say.” Albert Mohler

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