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If you already receive the Baptist Messenger through a church subscription, you will continue to receive it in 2019. The Messenger will be sent to the address at which you presently receive it.

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Beginning in January 2019 individuals who are members of an Oklahoma Baptist (BGCO) church (and living in Oklahoma) may request to receive a free subscription to the Baptist Messenger, courtesy of the Cooperative Program.  Individuals who are not members of Oklahoma Baptist (BGCO) churches will still be able to enjoy The Baptist Messenger with a purchased subscription.

Oklahoma Baptist Church Members:

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In order to receive your free subscription, you will need to sign up through your church secretary.

In the past, Oklahoma Southern Baptist Churches have been able to offer The Baptist Messenger to their members, but have had to pay for that benefit out of their church budget.  Thanks to the Cooperative Program, beginning in 2019, this service is now free to BGCO churches.

Due to these changes, we understand there may be questions.  Your first step is to let your church secretary know that this is available to you, and that you would like a subscription.

You will begin to receive your free subscription in January, 2019.

If you need further assistance, please see the FAQ below or contact The Baptist Messenger at (405) 942-3800.


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Dear Baptist Messenger friend,

For more than 100 years, the Baptist Messenger has been informing and inspiring Oklahoma Baptists and others, and serving as the flagship publication for the Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma.

In January 2019, the Baptist Messenger will enter a new era. To be specific, the Messenger print edition will make a major move from a weekly print publication to a semi-monthly (printing two editions per month) publication, as well as be enhanced with a new look and features.

As the Baptist Messenger print edition moves to semi-monthly, Oklahoma Baptists connected to a BGCO church can request and receive the print publication subscription pre-paid (at no subscriptions cost to churches) as of January 2019. The number of pre-paid subscriptions available to Oklahoma Baptist churches is limited and is intended for church members only.

This cost-free, pre-paid subscription option for BGCO church members is made possible by the Cooperative Program and Messenger paid advertising. The move to printing semi-monthly will be cost effective for the BGCO and for churches who previously paid for subscriptions through church budgets. (Individuals who are not connected to a BGCO church may purchase a subscription.)

Next, as of January 2019, the Baptist Messenger/Church newsletter wrap program will no longer be offered. Instead the BGCO Print Shop will offer affordable church newsletter assistance options that churches can consider independently of The Messenger. We are exceedingly grateful for the churches and associations who have participated in The Messenger wrap program over the years.

To accompany the 2019 changes to the print publication, The Messenger will expand upon its growing product line, which includes a breaking-news website (, the free Messenger Go smartphone app, an award-winning blog (, the Messenger Insight podcast, social media channels and a quarterly Spanish edition. With new digital media channels at our fingertips, the Baptist Messenger will enhance its focus on bringing you stories and news through online resources, while continuing a strong print presence.

Moreover, the same great content readers enjoy, such as missions and church news, Walker Moore’s column, the crossword puzzle and more will continue in 2019, with an enhanced layout, as well.

We greatly appreciate your partnership in the Gospel.
In Christ alone,

Brian Hobbs
Editor, Baptist Messenger

Frequently Asked Questions

I am currently receiving a Baptist Messenger subscription through my church. What do I need to do?

No action is required. You will continue to receive the Baptist Messenger to the address to which it is now sent, in 2019 and beyond.

I heard the Baptist Messenger is making some changes. When will that take place?

Starting in January of 2019, the Baptist Messenger print edition will move from weekly to being printed twice monthly (see publishing calendar above).

How much does a subscription cost now?

The Baptist Messenger print edition will cost $13.75 per year for individual subscribers. Members of Oklahoma Baptist/BGCO churches can receive a pre-paid subscription, which costs nothing to the church or the individual. Church subscription list size is limited.

I heard as of January 2019, the Baptist Messenger/Church newsletter wrap program will no longer be offered. What can our church do for a newsletter?

The Baptist Messenger newsletter wrap program will be discontinued in 2019, due the change in frequency of printing and other factors. However, the BGCO Print Services Shop offers church newsletter assistance of various kinds. For more information, contact Rob Miller at (405)942-3800 or email

Will the content I love, such as Walker Moore’s column and the crossword puzzle, be published?

Yes. All of the great content Messenger readers are accustomed to remains. Additional new features and layout enhancements will also be introduced in 2019.

Our church subscribes to the Messenger for its members. How will the changes affect us?

Until January of 2019, you will continued to be invoiced for subscription charges to any print or digital subscriptions to the Baptist Messenger, connected to your account. After January 2019, you will no longer be invoiced/billed for Messenger subscriptions connected to your account, though the list size is limited to your church size. For details, contact the Baptist Messenger staff at or (405)942-3800. 

Can we still advertise or take out classified ads with The Messenger?

Yes, the Baptist Messenger will continue to offer affordable advertising print and online options.

Will the website, podcast, free “Messenger Mobile” and “Messenger Digital” apps continue to be offered? What about the blog

Yes, the breaking-news website and extended Messenger products will continue and be expanded.

When can I access the Messenger Digital edition for free?

Beginning with the Jan. 10 issue, the Messenger Digital edition will not require a login for Baptist Messenger readers.