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Print Advertising Rates

The Baptist Messengeris a winning way to reach a large population segment at an affordable cost.

Here’s why:

As the weekly newspaper for Oklahoma’s 671,000 Southern Baptists, The Baptist Messenger has a paid circulation of nearly 60,000 and a readership well over 100,000.

Nationally, The Baptist Messenger is the fourth-largest Southern Baptist publication, and the third-largest of any publication in Oklahoma - behind only The Oklahoman and the Tulsa World.

Are you getting the most for your advertising dollars? Compare The Baptist Messenger’s ad rates to the other large newspapers. The Baptist Messenger helps you reach a highly-specific audience at very reasonable costs.

Print Advertising Rates and Sizes

Ad Size Dimensions BGCO Churches
& Entities 
Non-Profit Commercial
1/16-page horizontal 4.7 x 1.8 $133 $176 $226
1/8-page vertical 2.25 x 7.8 $288 $382 $491
1/8-page horizontal 4.7 x 3.8 $281 $372 $478
1/4-page vertical 4.7 x 7.8 $577 $764 $982
1/4 page horizontal 9.625 x 3.8 $562 $744 $957
Half-page vertical 4.7 x 15.75 $1165 $1543 $1984
Half-page horizontal 9.625 x 7.8 $1154 $1528 $1965
Full Page 10.4 x 16 $2368 $3136 $4032


6 ad placements: 10%
12 ad placements: 20%

Karen’s List

Advertise your church related product or service in this directory style ad.  Printed once per month and online all month.  12 month commitment preferred.

$35.00 per month

For an additional $15.00 per month, add your image or logo to your listing and hyperlink to your homepage.

Print and Web Bundled Pricing

If you would like to bundle print and web advertising you can save 50% off our normal web advertising rates. Please view our Web Advertising page to see all available web advertising options.


Print-ready PDF format ads are encouraged. Space must be reserved two weeks prior to publication date. The Baptist Messenger is published on Thursdays, 50 weeks per year. Pre-payment is preferred on first ad; we will bill thereafter or process VISA or Mastercard. All ads are reviewed for compatibility with our publication and mission.

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