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Voice your opinion: how to comment

iStock_000005241604SmallAt The Baptist Messenger, great strides are being made to maintain and improve
our relevance and journalistic integrity.  Among those efforts is our desire to hear from you, the readers, and to provide you the opportunity to share opinions with one another.  Let us know what you think, we appreciate your comments.  In fact, we thrive on knowing what readers are thinking and saying. Here are some tips and guidelines for posting comments.

1. Commenting is easy. Just scroll to the bottom of any article on which you would like to comment, fill in your information, type your comment, and click “Submit Comment.” A valid e-mail address is required to comment, but is not posted for the public to see.

2. Critical comments are welcome. Disagree with an article? We would like to hear it.  However, keep in mind, as a Christian publication we ask the same integrity from those who comment as from our writers.

3. Be a part of the conversation. Check back to see if anyone has responded to your comment, you may find someone who agrees or disagrees with you.  You have a chance to voice you opinion in a constructive and open environment.  On occasion, writers and Baptist Messenger staff will join to let you know what we think too.

4. Comments are subject to editorial oversight. We encourage all constructive comments, even those that disagree with an author’s stance.  However, we do not allow comments that include, but are not limited to:

  • Profanity, racism, sexism, or other hateful remarks.
  • Insulting comments directed at other readers, people referenced in articles, The Baptist Messenger staff, or anyone else.
  • Spam.  We do not tolerate links to unrelated outside content, especially any which may be considered offensive to our readers.
  • False information.  Posts which defame with the use of false information will not be tolerated.

5. Your comment may not post immediately. To uphold the standards of our Christian faith, posted comments are subject to approval.  Although we strive to approve comments as quickly as possible, high volume may cause some delays. If your comment violates our guidelines, it will not be posted.


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