Darkness hid the face of the moon as heavy thunder clouds crept across the night’s sky. Rumbles shook the rafters and lightning flashed with unprecedented strikes. The Earth was under attack from acts of nature as spring rain storms showered the ground outside my window.

The rain was much needed, but so was my sleep. Try as I might, forces greater than my own were to prevail. Steady rain showers had a way of lulling me to sleep, but thunderstorms in Oklahoma are anything but a lullaby.

My weather radio didn’t help matters much. More than once I dozed off only to be awakened by the weather warning alarm and the computerized weatherman’s voice blaring out the latest counties under assault.

As a lay on my side, with my eyes closed facing the bedroom door, I sensed that I was being watched. In fact, I was almost certain I felt an occasional tiny breath across my forehead. I slowly opened my eyes and a lightning strike confirmed my suspicions. Two miniature silhouettes were outlined at the edge of my bed.

“Daddy, the thunder is louder in our room. Can we sleep with you and Mom?” was the request that came from the seven-year-old spokeswoman for the duet. She and her younger sister had teamed up to overcome their fears as their safe haven was in an uproar.

Their combined willpower gave them the courage they needed to step into the darkness, travel down a hallway and navigate a living room, all in hopes of arriving safely in Mom and Dad’s room. The risk had been worth the effort. Other than mild irregular breathing, they had found refuge.

They crawled into bed with me and their mother. With a little girl under each arm, I was sandwiched with adoration. While elements worsened outside, all was well in their minds as they found rest and comfort in their father’s arms. The storms raged and the lightning intensified, but they were safe and sound in my presence. Their worries and fears melted away as they experienced peace and tranquility knowing they were with Daddy.

I knew a good night’s sleep would escape me as they nestled up close, wiggled, kicked, squirmed and dreamed their way through the night. My arms went numb, my neck developed a crick and my back ached. But no way was I going to complain. These are the moments a daddy lives to experience.

David understood the love God has for his children when he wrote Psalm 18:2. “The Lord is my rock, my fortress and my deliverer; my God is my rock, in whom I take refuge. He is my shield and the horn of my salvation, my stronghold.”

When life’s storms chase away our courage and dark clouds smother our hope, He is our rock, fortress, deliverer, shield, salvation and stronghold. He is our refuge. In Him we can trust. In Him we can rest. When fear grips our hearts and life threatens our well being, He is not asleep. His light is always on and His arms are always open. Our Daddy loves His kids.