It was a simple plan that stemmed from a small group of teens who came together for a DiscipleNow weekend in Texas in 1990. Being burdened for their lost friends, their hearts were moved to prayer.

“Compelled to pray, they drove to three different schools that night. Not knowing exactly what to do, they went to the school flagpoles and prayed for their friends, schools and leaders,” says See You at the Pole’s (SYATP) official site. “Those students had no idea how God would use their obedience.”

More than two decades later, the annual event has become a way that millions of students nationwide and throughout the world have connected in prayer.

“Amazing,” said Norman Flowers, Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma (BGCO) student evangelism and mobilization specialist. “‘See You at the Pole’ is such an effective time of ministry and evangelism. Students are praying for students, crying out for God to use them.”

On Sept. 26, students will come together (in prayer) at flag poles throughout Oklahoma for a student-led morning of prayer. The theme for SYATP 2012 is “AWAKEN,” based on Eph. 3:14-21.

“At some schools, it will be simply a small handful of students who gather to pray,” said Flowers. “At others, there will be huge rallies, with music and a Bible lesson. Either way is a powerful act of faith.”

On the same day as the morning student-led prayer times, there will be evening rallies across Oklahoma. Many of these will be supported by associations and the BGCO.

“In 2011, we helped sponsor 38 rallies, with more than 10,000 students participating,” Flowers said. “We saw hundreds of professions of faith in Christ on that one evening, and we had more than 1,000 decisions of some kind. The State Missions Offering helps dedicate monies to help associations with the rallies, which enables groups to book a venue, a speaker and more for the rallies.”

“It is a simple, yet effective, way to hold an evangelistic rally,” said Flowers.

“See You at the Pole” is all about students praying for God’s incredible power to be released on their campus. It is Christian students from a variety of churches coming together to see a spiritual explosion begin in their lives as well as the lives of other students, teachers and principals.

You can be a part of this movement of God by beginning to plan now. Many adults pray at the local schools on Sunday afternoon or Tuesday evening prior to SYATP. Visit for more information on how to participate. The site also contains information and resources connected to “See You at the Pole,” such as four weeks of quiet time materials, as well as information about rallies in your area.

“Some youth ministers in parts of the country have begun to wonder aloud, ‘Is this still an effective event for today’s youth?’ To them I would say it is always effective for the people of God to cry out in prayer for a lost and broken world, asking Him to heal our land and our schools,” Flowers concluded.

SYATP rallies are one of more than 20 vital programs funded by the Oklahoma State Missions Offering. For more information, visit or call 405/942-3800.