Recently, I had the privilege of speaking at McLoud, First. It is a tremendously warm and welcoming church. I had to arrive early to record a radio interview. After the interview ended, I needed to go out to my truck.

As I returned and walked into the sanctuary, I saw a lady sitting on the back row, sniffling. I didn’t think much about it until I began hearing a few sobs interjected with the sniffles. I began walking toward her when she looked up and asked if I was a minister. I told her I was, asked how I could help, and she began to tell me her story.

This lady hadn’t been in church for years. She was involved in a relationship that was very difficult, but something had been prompting her to come to church. She kept repeating, “Something told me to come here tonight, and I don’t know why.”

I looked her in the eye and said, “I know why. Jesus wants me to tell you something . . . you are His favorite child.” She said, “I am?”

I began to tell her that she was wonderfully made-that even before the foundation of the world, God drew up a blueprint for her life. When she heard this good news, she began to sob. She stayed for the service, and the church surrounded her with love and grace.

The Enemy delights in trying to give us the “spirit of an orphan.” An orphan has no father, no home. When Satan rebelled against God, he chose to become the first orphan, destined to roam the Earth.

As a missionary, I have spent many days working in orphanages. I also know some orphans who have been adopted. Even though they now have homes and loving parents, some of them retain “the spirit of an orphan.” They are afraid to trust. They have been hurt in the past, and they are afraid it will happen again. They are afraid of intimacy. They keep their hearts guarded. They hurt the ones who love them the most.

Just the other day, someone asked me for advice about a person who was adopted but rejected his adoptive parents when he got older. What did Satan do when he became an orphan? He began working to trick others into thinking they were orphans, too. He went to Adam and Eve, who had a wonderful home, and planted doubts in their mind about their loving heavenly Father. They bought into these lies. Soon, they found themselves turned out of their home, estranged from their Father.

Jesus says in John 14:18, “I will not leave you as orphans.” He knew that an orphan spirit would cause his children to say, “Because I have no father, I have no identity. If I have no identity, I have no destiny. If have no destiny, I have no direction. If I have no direction, I have no purpose. If I have no purpose, I have no life.”

Jesus came to give us . . . what? Life, abundant life! We only have that abundant life when we have “sonship.” We need to remember that He has adopted us and loves us more than any earthly father or mother ever could. Did you know He has your picture in His wallet? He takes it out and shows it to everyone. He is so proud of His favorite child.

Today, I am asking every parent who reads this article to do something important. Take a bar of soap or a tube of lipstick and write these words on your children’s mirror: “I am Jesus’ favorite child.”

Every time you hold your children in your arms, have them look in the mirror. Then ask, “Who are you?” Teach them to respond with, “I am Jesus’ favorite child.” Affirm them by saying, “That’s right, you are Jesus’ favorite child.”

I asked the young lady I met in McLoud to do this same thing when she went home. Every time she passes by the mirror and catches her reflection, she will remind herself that she is indeed . . . Jesus’ favorite child.

Today, you may be the one who needs that reminder. Whether you are a young person, a high school student or an older person sitting in a retirement center, I want you to know that you (yes, you) are Jesus’ favorite child.

Now, I want you to do something else. Read the following words aloud: “I AM JESUS’ FAVORITE CHILD!”

When I remind myself who I am, the Enemy has a harder time convincing me that I am an orphan. Look into your children’s eyes and remind them of their true identity today . . . before the Enemy tells them something else.