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Rewired: Men challenged to be transformed by ‘Truth’

Men and their families are being challenged unlike any other time in our history by a secular culture that is in direct opposition to biblical Truth.  This means men need to know how to apply biblical truth in every area of life.

For this reason, the primary focus and strategy of the 2016 Rewired Men’s Conference April 29-30 at Falls Creek Baptist Conference Center near Davis will be helping men live lives impacted by God’s Truth and to give secular culture a reason for the hope they have through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

At previous Rewired conferences, men had the opportunity to choose three different breakout topics from a list of conference speakers. This year, we are asking men to press in a little more and go deeper in their pursuit of Truth found in God’s Word. To do this, Rewired has created a process for men to learn and apply truth based on four Truth Tracking icons designed to guide men through their entire Rewired Conference experience. Men will choose one Truth Track topic, consisting of four sessions covering relevant issues men face in their lives and in our changing culture.

However, to assure no man misses out on other Truth topics offered at the conference, Rewired is capturing all 19 Truth Tracks on video to be made available online. This will create 19 stand-alone, four-week small group studies for men which churches can download at no cost. Each four-week Truth topic study will come with a downloadable outline and reflection guide.

Rewired has also developed a 90-day men’s devotional called “Truth.” Each week will unlock a new biblical Truth. During the week, men will unpack each of the four Truth Tracking icons related to that Truth. At the end of the 90-day devotion, men will have developed spiritual disciplines that will impact the rest of their lives.

This year’s Rewired keynote speakers include Tony Evans, Jim Munroe and Cody Bobay, who will build on Truth in two main sessions at Rewired.

Evans is one of the country’s most respected leaders in evangelical circles, and is a pastor, best-selling author and much-sought-after men’s ministry speaker throughout the nation.

Munroe is an author, speaker and skeptic. After a promising career in baseball ended in disappointment and confusion, he turned his mind toward investigating various philosophies and beliefs. Despite significant doubt in the idea of a god at the time, Munroe absorbed and tested Christianity as he searched for meaning.

This investigation into the unknown and the supernatural also manifested itself in another pursuit: Magic. Munroe loved magic. It blended perfectly with his belief that God was just a bunch of smoke and mirrors; that behind every religious curtain was a lie. However, the further he investigated Jesus, the more convinced he became that Truth existed in Him. 

And just as his magic career was taking off, Munroe found himself accepting Christ as his personal Lord and Savior. Today, Munroe is the author of The Charlatan, and is a sought after speaker and performer at conferences and events around the world. His theatrical production company, The Maze, performs throughout the world.

Bobay is a motivational speaker on the importance of living in optimal health, is a certified personal trainer, performance enhancement specialist and corrective exercise specialist from the National Academy of Sports Medicine. He has authored books on health and fitness, but is most excited about his latest book, Soulcon Challenge—A Six Week Special Forces Challenge for Men Only, designed to help men live lives that are physically and spiritually impactful for God.    

Activities abound at Rewired! Back by popular demand are trout fishing, zip line and the climbing wall. New to the lineup of activities are: the BBQ Showdown, grilling competition, 3-on-3 basketball, volleyball, gaga ball, snookball and more.

Rewired’s website contains all of the information needed to get ready for the retreat. The website contains everything from maps showing how to get to the Conference Center and what-to-bring lists. Regular registration is open through April 14. Adults are $70. Youth ages 13-18 are $60. After that, registration is closed until gates open on Friday, April 29. Then, registration goes up to $80 for adults.

For more information and/or to register, go to For updates, follow Facebook and Twitter: menrewired.

Keith Burkhart

Author: Keith Burkhart

Keith serves as the BGCO Family & Men’s Specialist.

View more articles by Keith Burkhart.

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