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Revival sparks in Sapulpa

ce62840b37cdb3fab1decb78135c56a1There is nothing better than a family of faith witnessing a family come to faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, and that’s just what happened during a Feb. 1-4 revival at Sapulpa, First.

The Websters, Joe and Robin and their children, Tyler and Alyssa, were among 140 whose lives were changed for eternity during “The Event” with Ken Freeman.

“The church family prepared for about two months for it and on the last night, we had people sitting on the floor,” said an elated pastor Doyle Pryor.

“We probably crammed 1,400 people into a building that seats 800 max,” Pryor marveled. “It just started snowballing. The first day, we had about 20 saved, and the next night, I’d say about 50 more were saved. From there, it just kept steamrolling.”

The revival began on Super Bowl Sunday during the morning worship service, and continued that afternoon and evening through the big game.

“Ken spoke for just a few minutes during the halftime of the Super Bowl,” Pryor said.

And, while Freeman didn’t get into the local high school, the Sapulpa, First youth did their part to get their friends to him.

“Our kids did a great job of inviting their friends, plus we presented a midnight movie for them,” Pryor said. “Sapulpa didn’t have school on Monday, so we rented out the theater and let Ken talk to the high school students there. We had about 150 students show up.”

The enthusiastic pastor said his church “is pumped. We have already baptized close to 50 people.”

Pryor said about a fourth of those saved were adults ranging in age anywhere from 20 somethings to two people in their 70s.

“Most were teenagers, but we had a great number who weren’t,” he said. “I’d say we had about 40 adults saved.”

The church’s LifeStream band provided the music during the revival, and its youth promoted the revival by wearing special T-shirts with “The Event with Ken Freeman” printed on the front and “Ask Me” on the back.

“We had about 150-200 of those shirts in the schools, at the movie and at our Wednesday night event,” Pryor said. “It was pretty fun.”

Other special events during the revival included children’s emphasis on Monday, with parents fed a pork tenderloin dinner, youth night pizza feed Tuesday and a community emphasis night Wednesday, when more than 150 showed up for a roast beef dinner.

“There were some pretty touching moments every night,” Pryor said, “including baptizing the Webster family. “We also baptized a father and son one night and a grandmother and granddaughter, and that was pretty cool.”

The pastor said the church “probably will baptize about 100 of those who accepted Christ during the revival, while 40 of them indicated other church homes, so we’ll get the information to them.”

Bob Nigh

Author: Bob Nigh

Special Correspondent

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