Frank Page, president of the Executive Committee of the Southern Baptist Convention, and Lavon Gray, minister of music at Jackson, Miss., First, headline PROCLAIM! 2015—“Hungry for Worship,” Mon., Aug. 10, at Oklahoma City, Southern Hills.

PROCLAIM! is sponsored by the Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma (BGCO) Worship and Music Ministries and  Pastoral Leadership offices.

“Worship is a part of every Believer and part of church life! Large churches, medium sized churches, smaller in attendance churches have at least one thing in common: they gather to worship,” said Randy Lind, BGCO worship and music ministries specialist. “Worship is expressed in many different ways—all of which move toward the same end of expressing our adoration and worship to God.

“Page and Gray address the challenges today’s church leaders face in planning and shaping worship services.  Both having years of experience in ministry and also having served together on the same staff, they have experience and perspective that will help Oklahoma pastors and ministers of music as they serve together and lead their congregations each week.”

Lind added that the “Hungry For Worship” event is designed for everyone involved in planning worship and leading congregations to worship, but especially for the pastor and minister of music/worship leader. The conference will address topics such as:  Do we worship worship?; performance-driven worship; multicultural worship, and more.

“The purpose of PROCLAIM! 2015—“Hungry for Worship” is not to tell churches how to do worship, but really to help frame the discussion from a fresh biblically-based perspective.  Churches gather to worship each week, sometimes many times a week—’Hungry for Worship’ will help guide the discussion as we continue to minister to our churches and reach out to our communities,” Lind concluded.

To register, go to, and receive a free Hungry for Worship book while supplies last.