Over the last several weeks, state news has been filled with comments regarding the words of Rep. Sally Kern concerning the homosexual agenda. The focus has been on her statement that homosexuals are more dangerous than “terrorists” as they push to change the face of morality and decency in our nation.

Rep. Kern has been a defender of family values since her election to the legislature in 2004. She has consistently fought to protect our children and families from exposure in public places to promotion of a blatant homosexual lifestyle. In addition, she has stood against other morally bankrupt legislation and supported those things that conservative Christianity holds dear.

Since her comments became public and were placed on YouTube, Sally and her family have been inundated with thousands of phone calls, e-mails and letters filled with hate, many containing extreme threats. Those who so loudly denounce hate speech seem to have forgotten it’s a two-way street.

But what about Rep. Kern’s recorded comments? Were they appropriate? Is there any truth to what she said? I do not think a simple answer will suffice. She has put her finger on some volatile issues.

I think it is important to deal with the “terrorist” comment first. That is the epicenter of her comments and the reactions to it. My own view is colored by my experience. I am in front of people all the time. I am asked to comment on hundreds of issues every year. I have said things that I later wished I had stated in a different way. Unfortunately, people in the public eye do not get “overs.”

My personal view is that Rep. Kern would have made a more powerful point without the using the “t” word. In her desire to stress the constant push by homosexual groups to overlay our society with their view of “morality,” she overreached. However, do not let that word sideline her comments regarding the homosexual agenda.

One would be na‹ve to think that homosexual groups do not have an agenda. They do, and in this free society it is their right to have one. Recently, a band of homosexual groups met at UCO to “reinterpret” the Biblical text. Long accepted interpretation of Scripture that clearly sets homosexual behavior as aberrant was reinterpreted to make this alternative lifestyle acceptable. Homosexuals want protection from discrimination equal with gender, race and religion. Sally is right. These folks want to redefine marriage, morality and acceptable sexuality.

In the midst of this, we (Sally included) who stand against acceptance of homosexual behavior find ourselves pushed into corners. Those who call for tolerance are willing to tolerate anything except the conservative Judeo-Christian view-a view that has been the bedrock of American culture since our founding as a nation. This view, by the way, does not support hate against homosexuals, but complete disagreement with their value system.

Sally Kern is a wonderful person and a good representative. She has done many things to represent all of us who hold to traditional family values. Her unguarded comment went too far, but she does not need to back away from her fight to stay the course against an agenda that seeks to change the very core of our moral value system.