Creative ministry is often at the root of state missions allocations. God places innovative ideas within the hearts of people who desire to impact Oklahoma with the Gospel. Together, you and I get to participate in making these dreams a reality when WE give to the Oklahoma State Missions Offering.

For the past few years, ReConnect Sunday School has continued to be the strategic process of helping churches revitalize their small groups. We are convinced that churches grow numerically and evangelistically when new groups are started. One shining example is Durham, First—a small rural church in western Oklahoma. They have baptized 30 people in the past five years and have seen their average attendance more than triple because they have started new Sunday School classes.

The need to train ethnic pastors in our state is greater than before. Through the Robert Haskins School of Leadership, more than 20 ethnic leaders will graduate this year. These leaders will be equipped to reach people in our state that most of us will never have the opportunity to impact.

Native Americans are still the largest unreached people group in North America. But, Oklahoma has the unique privilege of hosting the largest Native American gathering each year at Indian Falls Creek. The State Missions Offering makes this camp possible and provides evangelistic opportunities to men, women, youth and children from many Native American tribes.

You do not have to live in our state very long to understand the ministry that happens after disasters strike. While many people give to help victims of specific disasters, such as the 2013 tornadoes, the State Missions Offering provides funding for many other expenses or even smaller disasters. For instance, when a recent tornado damaged the roof at Quapaw, First, the State Missions Offering provided immediate funding to help the church through a difficult storm.

I am pleased to challenge you to be part of something greater than yourself. Together, WE can make a difference. Please join Polla and me as we give generously.