“Eternity.” That is a powerful word about a profound truth. Apart from Jesus Christ and the salvation and new life found only in Him, each of us would spend eternity separated from God. This truth should motivate us like never before to share the Gospel with every person in this state.

The truth of eternity is why every year, Oklahoma Baptists give together through the Oklahoma State Missions Offering, which is advancing the light of the Gospel through crucial ministries right here in our state.

Your missions gift helps people like De Brown, a church planter near Kingfisher, who is reaching Native Americans and others for Jesus. Oklahoma is filled with native peoples who need the Good News of Christ. But also, they need to be a part of a local church family that will disciple them as they seek to grow in Christ. Church planting is a major part of how Oklahoma Baptists can effectively reach all parts of the state and connect people to other believers

Falls Creek and CrossTimbers are the Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma’s state camps attended by thousands of campers each year. But, few people know that we have 10 other camps supported and directed by associations. While smaller, each of these camps plays a vital role in providing hundreds of children and teens a place to be engaged with the Gospel. For many years, the State Missions Offering has provided needed additional funding for these camps. These additional funds make a significant difference in the ability of the smaller camps to maintain their ministries.

The State Missions Offering is also making a difference in people’s lives like Joe Huang, who received quality training and education through the Robert Haskins School of Christian Ministry. This school has been revitalized and restructured to provide even more targeted training for those who do not have the educational background to attend college or seminary. This school is designed to provide training that is practical and ministry focused without the academic requirements. The Haskins School will provide specific training within each ethnic group, and also provide needed practical training for bivocational ministers. In addition, students will receive mentoring as they seek to serve Christ and reach people with the Gospel.

Oklahoma Baptists have no ministry that touches people in the midst of crisis more than Disaster Relief. With 7,500 trained volunteers, Oklahoma Disaster Relief has literally spanned the globe in helping people struck by disaster. When disaster strikes, Southern Baptist Disaster Relief cooks 85 percent of the meals delivered by the Red Cross. Tree and debris removal, ash-out and mud-out, and a host of other services are provided free of charge. With each service completed, prayer and the Gospel are offered to those served. Many have their eternities changed because of the work of Disaster Relief volunteers.

Efforts like the State Missions Offering remind us that only the light of the Gospel of Jesus Christ can change someone’s eternity. Now is the time to reach deep and give through the Oklahoma State Missions Offering so the light of the Gospel will shine brightly throughout Oklahoma.

Please join Polla and me in giving a generous gift. I believe it will make an eternal difference.