After massive flooding, which affected dozens of counties across Oklahoma with home damage and roads and bridges damage, Sam Porter, director of disaster relief for the Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma (BGCO) announced that the relief organization is enacting major plans toward flood recovery.

Here are some of the ways Oklahoma Baptists will be involved in flood relief and recovery.


Oklahoma Baptists Disaster Relief will be preparing meals beginning on Monday in the Lawton area, serving from First West Baptist Church in Lawton, and at Union Baptist Associational office in Norman, the organization will prepare meals for storm victims and volunteers in the Norman-south OKC Metro.


Baptists will set up its Incident Command Mobile Unit at Bethel Baptist in Norman on Tuesday to coordinate relief activities in the central part of the state; and Baptists will plan on satellite communication sites across the state in the next heaviest impacted areas/regions.


Richard Brown, the BGCO’s volunteer flood recovery state team leader will lead special classes beginning on Wednesday “to teach Oklahomans who have been flooded how to care for their home by properly cleaning and doing mold removal and mitigation.” The BGCO’s volunteer organization will hold multiple classes in many locations to be announced, each of which will be led by flood recovery instructors.

Porter said, “We invite individuals, adult groups, volunteer agencies, church groups, student groups, and others who want to assist in helping in flood recovery to these trainings.”

The first of classes will be held at Norman Bethel Baptist Church on Wednesday, May 27 at 10 am, 12 pm, and 2 pm. According to Porter, other classes will be held across the state and dates and times to be announced.


Porter emphasized that Oklahoma Baptists existing volunteers will be serving in “mud-out” (mud removal). He added, “While Oklahoma Baptist DR cannot clean every flooded home, we can and are willing to teach as many Oklahomans who desire to help and those who want to take care of their own homes. We will share what we know about flood recovery and salvaging a flooded house as a service to our communities.”

“We will need many of our DR volunteers to work in flood recovery setting the example for those who will be stepping up to help fellow Oklahomans in need during the next few weeks,” Porter added. “People will know that the love of Jesus Christ motivates us to serve, and we are here to help at this critical time.”

How to get involved

For continued information about the training opportunities, or for more information about Oklahoma Baptist Disaster Relief, or to make difference financially by making a tax-deductible donation, visit