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Missions 101: Reaching and teaching, new podcast with David Sills

20100521__0001The very idea of a missionary seems to be part and parcel of what it means to be a Christian. It was Charles Haddon Spurgeon who said, “You are either a missionary or an imposter.”

Yet, when confronted with the challenges of reaching people who have never heard the name of Jesus—who have no frame of reference to even the Biblical idea of sin—who cannot read—who are separated from the modern technological advances of Western culture—how are Christian missionaries to engage and penetrate the lostness of the world?

Are there particular methods and strategies outlined in Holy Scripture, or is it an anything goes type of movement as long as sincere people are at work seeking to evangelize the world?

And in particular—have modern mission agencies (including the International Mission Board of the Southern Baptist Convention) adopted appropriate biblical methods for missionary work?

Part I

Missiological Urgency: What does the Great Commission Require?; What are time-proven strategies for missionary engagement—Have they been abandoned? The Gospel and Animism-syncretism and missionary strategy; Is Jesus waiting on us to return from Heaven—Matt. 24:14?; Theological education and the mission field; China and Nigeria—barren after years of missionary work? The training of missionaries —James Pettigru Boyce; James Engel— Beyond the Numbers Game; Paul’s missionary practice.


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Part II

Search Theology vs. Harvest Theology; Donald McGavran—Understanding Church Growth; David Garrison and the Church Planting Movement (CPM); CPM as an official strategy; Orality and a non-literate culture; contextualization; the future of Southern Baptist missions.


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  • Erwin

    Great podcast Jacob.
    I like your style of interviewing and you keep the conversation going and never stagnate.

    One point I would like to make in connection with D.Garrison’s book, CPM that Dr. Sills misrepresented is that Garrison’s book is a description of what God is doing in movements, not that Garrison is prescribing what should happen. It’s hard to argue with someone who has done their homework and interviewed scores of missionaries as to what they see God doing verses what missiologists think should happen.

    Although I resonated with much of Dr. Sills points, I would like for him to be more forthcoming with broader research. Much of his conclusions were supported with single stories, not with “a thorough study reported…”

    keep up the good work Jacob.

    • Jacob Wright

      I just posted this interview since I am the producer and editor. Doug Baker is the writer and interviewer. He deserves the accolades.

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