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Ministers’ Wives Gifted, Uniquely Knitted Together

8ea18e157d986129c98731cd5773cad6Numerous moves, making a parsonage home, dealing with gossip, church splits, developing new friendships-all are part of the lives of many ministers’ wives. So a weekend of refreshing their hearts and minds is what many need, and that was the goal of the Ministers’ Wives Weekend at Broken Arrow, First Oct. 3-4.

With the theme, “Gifted,” the weekend was all about giving and begin gifted.

Whether it was learning how to decorate a cake, to update and polish their wardrobes, wrap a special present, create a home-made card or discover 101 ways to say “I love you,” the wives from across the state halted their busy schedules to relax, fellowship with their peers and drink from the Word of God at the weekend especially for them.

After participating in celebration stations, which also included making blankets to share in ministry locations, learning creative ways to celebrate special days and developing insights on biblical hospitality, the women settled into learning about their personalities and how they affect their spiritual gifts.

Featured speaker Ginger McSwain, who with her husband, Jay, is founder of PLACE Ministries, based in Atlanta, Ga., told the women she wanted them to mature in their faith and see how they are uniquely knitted together by God.

PLACE, she said, stands for Personality discovery, Learning spiritual gifts, Abilities awareness, Connecting passion with ministry and Experiences in life.

“Personality is the inward and outward expression of emotional traits and characteristics that shape us into who we are, how we act and what we do,” McSwain explained. She said everyone falls into one of four personality descriptions, prefaced by the acronym, DISC.

“The D personality is bold, decisive, task-oriented and driven, and includes about 10-15 percent of the population,” she explained. “A biblical example of a D personality is Paul, who was not easily discouraged and had a low tolerance for mistakes.”

The I personality is playful, the life of the party, outgoing, people-oriented, influencing, inspiring, extroverted and optimistic, she noted. Peter is an example of the I personality-inspiring, influential and optimistic to a fault. About 20-25 percent fall into this category.

The S personality, McSwain, revealed, is sensitive, sincere, kind, loving, stable and steady.

“They are peacemakers, and don’t want anyone to be upset with them,” she said. “They can be whatever they need to be, but only for a short time. Barnabas is a biblical example of the S personality.”

Concise, consistent, behind the scenes, correct and conscientious describes the C personality.e1226d6d3ce444a7f9ce9d64e123d462

“This is the most gifted of the personality types,” McSwain said. “They are hard on themselves because nothing is always right. Moses serves as a biblical example-very loyal, but insecure.”

McSwain said personalities are not good or bad, but it’s what you do with them that makes a difference.

McSwain emphasized that the ministers’ wives are not called to “do it all.”

“You need time to spend with your husband, your children and you, so you can refill your tank,” she said.

Spiritual gifts, McSwain explained, are unique gifts given by God’s spirit to every person in the body of Christ for use within the body and for the building up and strengthening of the body.

“God’s plan and purpose revolves around your spiritual gifts,” she told the women. “And every spiritual gift can go with any personality.”

Passion in life comes from life’s experiences, McSwain said.

“You should protect your passion at any and all costs,” she said. “Guilt and overcommitment can take it way.”

McSwain said people should reach the point where 80 percent of the time they are getting to do the things in line with God’s plan and purpose for their lives.

“The other 20 percent of the time, there are some things you have to do to get to what you really like doing,” she said.

She urged the women to start saying “no” to the things that aren’t in line with their passion.

“People will zap your passion,” she underscored. “Some people can drain you. Know what people can motivate you, can charge your batteries.”

She added that boredom in a ministry job will also take away passion.

McSwain declared that no matter what the spiritual gift, no matter what the personality type, all must be exercised with love.

“You will push people away from you and away from God if you don’t do everything in love.”

In addition to refreshing themselves, the ministers’ wives brought gifts to minister to others.

Twenty-eight gift bags were filled with items such as candles, bubble bath, lotion, books, nail polish, etc. to be given to housemothers at the children’s homes sponsored by Oklahoma Baptist Homes for Children. The project was coordinated by Vicki Yarbrough from Holdenville, First.

Dana Williamson

Author: Dana Williamson

Dana Williamson is a Special Correspondent for the Baptist Messenger

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