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Hope Centers celebrate 25 years

7,800 babies have been born as result of OBHC ministry

More than 700 people gathered at the National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum Sept. 30 to celebrate 25 years of ministry of the Oklahoma City Hope Pregnancy Centers, a ministry of Oklahoma Baptist Homes for Children. Local television celebrity, Kelly Ogle, served as Master of Ceremonies.

Former HPC volunteer Pam Lacey and her daughter, Ashley, shared their hearts through music and signing. Also during the evening, former staff and volunteers were recognized for their service and three client testimony videos were presented.

Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma Executive Director-Treasurer Anthony L. Jordan was the keynote speaker, sharing his memories of how and when the pregnancy center movement began in Oklahoma City. Jordan had the vision and was the driving force in establishing what began as the Crisis Pregnancy Centers in Oklahoma City and Tulsa.
Jordan told of the adoption of his two children—Adrian and Alisha—and thanked those mothers who made it possible for him and his wife, Polla, to become parents.

Hope Pregnancy Centers have ministered to almost 50,000 clients since they began. Eighty-six percent  of ultrasound clients chose life for their babies.

“Approximately 600 clients have prayed to receive Christ during those years, and 7,800 babies have been reported born to our centers,” said Candy Hines, state director and director of the Hope Pregnancy Center South in Oklahoma City.

Hines also reported that in 2009, the HPCs had 4,000 client visits, with 88 percent of clients choosing life for their unborns after seeing him or her on an ultrasound. There were 135 professions of faith in Christ recorded and 183 babies born to clients.

Lacey, who related how she had an abortion early in life, shared her testimony during the banquet, in addition to singing.

“The summer I graduated from high school, I found out that I was pregnant and I chose to have my baby aborted.  I remember thinking afterwards that I had made a big mistake,” she recounted.

“And so, I relate my experience unique and personal, but not unlike the stories of many other women.

“But this story is not about me.  It’s about our great and merciful God, always there, wanting to forgive us and make us whole again.

“In 1986, Sylvia Boothe (Former CPC director) came to our church and spoke about the Crisis Pregnancy Center and the need for counselors. As she spoke, I knew that God was speaking to me that counseling at the Crisis Pregnancy Center was what I was to do. I was six months pregnant with our first child when I started counseling.

“From time to time, Satan reminded me of the abortion, but it was through the godly women at the Crisis Pregnancy Center that God healed my own wounded spirit. Jesus made it perfectly clear that He died on the cross for all my sins and paid for my debt in full. God not only forgave all my sins, but He also brought me peace and joy!

“Finally, the wait was over, and Ashley Michelle was born! I’ll never forget the morning that it was time to go to the hospital. Randy came into the kitchen ready to go wearing his suit, tie and brief case in hand! I said, ‘What  in the world are you doing?’ He said that he thought after I had the baby he would go into the office and get some work done!  The boy was clueless!

“The morning after Ash was born, the pediatrician came into my hospital room and said she wanted to share some concerns with me. She said ‘Ash had a short thick neck, a big space between her big toes and that she had a very flabby muscle tone.’ I just kinda laughed and said, ‘You obviously haven’t seen her Daddy yet!’

“Throughout the day, friends and family came to meet Ashley. The entire day I just couldn’t get it out of my mind that I was somehow being punished for having an abortion.

“It wasn’t until later that night when I was all alone did I cry out to the Lord, and I turned to God’s Word. The Lord gave me a promise when Ash was only one day old that even to this day I cling to:  Jeremiah 29:11-12, ‘For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to give you hope and a future.’

“At that moment I realized that no, I wasn’t being punished I was being blessed!  Sure, I grieved for the loss of the image of the baby I thought I would have. Little did I know at the time that she would be so much more and would bring out the unconditional love and unbelievable pride in the lives of those around her.

“I still sometimes grieve, not for Ash or for ourselves, but for the world that is still untouched by someone like Ashley. Having a child with Down Syndrome has taught me to see there’s infinitely more to life than intelligence, beauty and perfection. Ashley is a gift I never would have thought to ask for, bringing lessons I never knew I needed to learn.

“The greatest surprise is this: Our life together has been less about my helping her reach her potential than about her helping me reach mine.

“I am convinced that God is marshaling an army of once wounded women and men to dispel the lies of abortion,” Lacey concluded. “Through the actions of the many godly counselors at the Hope Pregnancy Centers, countless unborn babies will live.”

An additional highlight of the evening was the witnessing of a live ultrasound performed and displayed on a huge screen in the room by Vicki Miller, RN and HPC nurse manager, as the attendees watched the fetus move and smile for them.

Jordan summarized the evening by declaring, “God has blessed this ministry abundantly and in more ways than we could have ever imagined.”

Hope Pregnancy Ministries serves as a source of support and encouragement to 26 evangelical centers throughout the state of Oklahoma through its Pregnancy Resource Network.

HPCs are staffed by volunteers trained to offer support for women of all ages. The desire of the staff is to encourage, to affirm dignity and self-worth and to suggest positive alternatives to individual situations and needs.

HPCs provide free pregnancy tests and information on fetal development, abortion education, post-abortion syndrome, medical referrals, adoption referrals, community resources, parenting, abstinence, sexually transmitted diseases, Christian growth and maternity issues.

Through its videos and brochures, it provides men and women with the education they need to make better choices for their lives.  All brochures and videos are Christian-based.
HPC medical clinics offer free limited ultrasounds to abortion-minded women and STD screenings.

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