The Baptist Messenger has been informing and inspiring Oklahoma Baptists since 1912. In our 97th year, the Baptist Messenger continues to serve as a reliable Christian news and information resource for Oklahoma Baptists.

Because we are Oklahoma Baptists, you can count on the Baptist Messenger for stories, articles, news and information unique to Oklahoma and especially Oklahoma Baptists.

As we approach the new year, we at the Baptist Messenger have adopted 1 Chronicles 16:24 as our theme verse for 2008, “Publish His glorious deeds among the nations. Tell everyone about the amazing things He does.” (NLT)

What an incredible privilege and an incredible challenge to tell of the wonderful things God is doing through Oklahoma Baptists. We are reminded that it is not about us, it is not about you, but it is about what He is doing among us.

No doubt, God was at work among Oklahoma Baptists in 2007. Already, we are seeing Him at work in 2008. What we are able to accomplish together through the Cooperative Program is truly amazing. But we must not grow comfortable with the success we have seen. While we have experienced much success, the lost are still among us. His story has yet to penetrate their hearts. For this reason, we must continue to be about our Father’s business, reaching the lost with His life-changing story.

It is those life-changing stories that we love to tell through the Baptist Messenger. They come from churches small and large from across our state. With more than 1,700 churches statewide, it is impossible for us to know of every great story from every church.

But you are there. You are aware of what God is doing through your church. Will you join us on our mission in 2008? Will you help inform and inspire Oklahoma Baptists regarding what all God is doing? As 1 Chronicles 16:24 challenges us, will you be a part of publishing His glorious deeds among the nations. Will you tell everyone about the amazing things He does?

What better place to tell of His wondrous deeds than through the Baptist Messenger? We are convinced there are many exciting stories from associations, churches, Sunday School classes, missions trips, revivals and personal lives that are never being told. Unless we hear about them from you, we are certain the impact of the story will never reach its full potential.

No, we aren’t asking you to do our job, but we are asking you to send us your story leads, action photos and news tips. We can’t promise to run every story or print every photo, but we can tell you we will do our best!

There is a lot of news to share when you are covering so many churches, associations and a convention our size. But some of our best stories come from you, our readers. Is God at work in your neck of the woods? Then what do you say we let the rest of the forest in on what He is doing? Feel free to visit and submit your ideas through the MyMessenger online reporting feature. E-mail is another great way to reach us. Submit you photos and story ideas by sending an e-mail to Or you can always reach us by mail at Baptist Messenger, 3800 N. May Avenue, Oklahoma City 73112.