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EDITORIAL: Crystal Darkness Oklahoma – Fight a deadly addiction

dc091d4646a8d3166499e45308af5a4aCrystal Darkness Oklahoma, a campaign aimed at tackling methamphetamine abuse in the state, is a coalition of Oklahomans working together to stop meth abuse. Meth has affected us all whether we know it or not. Now is the time to fight back.

On Jan. 13, a 30-minute documentary will air on every Oklahoma television station at 6:30 p.m., and all Oklahoma Baptist churches are asked to host or help organize watch parties in their communities.

The campaign, modeled after similar programs in Nevada, California, Oregon and Arizona, is aimed at increasing meth awareness, as well as provide treatment and law enforcement assistance to communities-large and small-across Oklahoma. The documentary will feature gripping testimonials that graphically portray the devastating impact meth has had on families and communities. Oklahoma Baptists have an opportunity to provide aid to our communities by loving them and providing the encouragement they need to leave their current destructive lifestyle.

Involvement from Oklahoma Baptists is critical to the success of the campaign. Watch parties will provide a venue for communities to collectively view the documentary and a forum for discussion of the meth problem. Most importantly, watch parties can be a perfect avenue to minister to your community and to share the love of Jesus regardless of their addiction. Watch parties need to be registered on the Crystal Darkness Web site so others in the community can join you.

Crystal meth is not a problem that is limited to one community, neighborhood or section of town. It can be found at all socio-economic levels. Meth has become a drug of choice in both the low income and high rent districts and is known by many street names including meth, crank, speed, crystal and ice.

“Methamphetamine has been Oklahoma’s pandemic drug for the last decade- seemingly nothing compares to it in terms of the destruction it has wrought,” said Rob Hudson, Oklahoma Baptist, District Attorney for Payne and Logan counties and chairman of the Oklahoma District Attorneys Council. “I know of no other drug that has wrecked more lives and families than meth. Anything we can do to get the truth out to the people about this killer drug is worth the cost.”2215fea5a160d6def862bb011a73dc6b

Meth can be a threat to any community and anyone. On June 18, 2008, Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics (OBN) was involved in a fatal shooting at a condominium located within a very nice family-oriented neighborhood in Lawton. Seventeen guns were recovered from the home. Darren Howell who fired upon officers in the Lawton shooting was 42 years old and had no previous criminal record. In 2005, OBN Agent Choc Ericsson was run down and killed by a driver under the influence of meth. Ricky Malone, who shot and killed Trooper Nik Green in 2003, was a former paramedic and firefighter in Duncan. Anyone under the influence of meth can be a threat, regardless of their background. No one can escape its grip when they are using meth without professional and spiritual support.

How has your community been affected? Who do you know that is hurting? Someone near you is affected and/or hurting-find them and minister to them!

It is time to act! Host a community watch party in your church, community center or home to help raise awareness regarding this deadly addiction. For more information and to register a watch party, visit


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