From the months of March to May, from cities ranging from the Panhandle to LeFlore County, Bob Mayfield and others from the Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma (BGCO) met with pastors and associational leaders to talk about how the Gospel can be unleashed in Oklahoma through Sunday School.

Mayfield, who serves as BGCO Sunday School & adult discipleship specialist, took the lead in creating an awareness and dialogue about the BGCO’s new Connect>1 Evangelism Campaign.

“Connect>1 is a campaign to equip and engage every church member in personal evangelism through their small group or Sunday School,” said Mayfield. “By using its small group organization, the church will be able to engage greater involvement in evangelism from its members than by any other means. Using its already-existing Sunday School means that the church will not have to create a new organization that will need additional leadership, budget, and space on the church calendar. As the largest organization in most churches, it only makes sense that the Sunday School should support the church’s mission of making disciples by evangelizing its community.”

Kenny Platte of Shattuck, First was among the pastors who participated in the Woodward Association’s meeting on May 2.

“These materials will be useful, and the idea of Sunday School members sharing their faith is exciting,” he said.

At the heart of Connect>1 is the 3151 Challenge, in which Oklahoma Baptists will be challenged to do the following during the month of October: Pray for three lost friends by name; learn one gospel presentation; invite five people to their group; and share the Gospel at least one time.

Mayfield said an historic partnership will greatly amplify the impact of Connect>1.

“LifeWay Christian Resources of the Southern Baptist Convention is partnering with our state convention by providing Bible studies to support the Connect>1 Evangelism Campaign,” he said.

According to Mayfield, “during the first six weeks of this fall, LifeWay’s Bible Studies for Life curriculum will focus specifically on teaching the Gospel. In addition, Oklahoma’s own Blake Gideon, pastor of Edmond, First, is the author of the six-session study, “The Unvarnished Truth.” This Bible study series forms the foundation of the equipping phase of the Connect>1 Evangelism Campaign.”

Soulwinning Commitment Day is Oct. 2, and Oklahoma Baptists will be asked to take the 3151 Challenge as the engagement phase of the campaign begins.

“The 3151 Challenge is an opportunity for every Oklahoma Baptist,” Mayfield exclaimed. “Just imagine the impact that a single, small group of 10 people could have on its community when each group member engages in the 3151 Challenge! That group will pray for 30 lost people; 10 group members will learn how to share the Gospel; 50 lost people will be invited to their group; and 10 group members will have a gospel discussion with lost people—all in only one month!”

Resource kits with a sample of every Connect>1 resource piece were shipped to all Oklahoma Baptist churches in the first week of March. An order form for additional resources is included in the kit; or you may contact the Sunday School office by email at or by calling 405/942-3000, Ext. 4656.

If a church does not use Bible Studies for Life for adults and youth, there is still time to order the curriculum. The deadline for ordering the materials for the fall 2016 quarter is June 1. Churches must order the curriculum directly from LifeWay.

For any questions about the curriculum or any other facet of Connect>1, please contact Mayfield or the BGCO Equipping Team offices at 405/942-3800.

“Oklahoma Baptists have a tremendous opportunity before us to impact lostness in our communities by engaging our church members in personal evangelism,” Mayfield concluded.