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Church Communicators Conference Registration Begins

137b01a2e0b322afb8ba436b54b4f162The sight and sound generation is alive and well within the Church. Gone are the days when church bulletins are the sole source for sharing information with church members. The options for communicating to the Church, not to mention the surrounding community, are endless.

Communicators are caught between a rock and a hard place. Do they discontinue the church’s printed newsletter in lieu of an electronic version online? What about church members who still prefer everything in print as opposed to those who only get their news through the Internet? Today’s Christian communicators are caught in a dilemma. When it comes to communicating, they have to operate in a “both/and” world. Not everything is black and white.

As if deciding on the proper communication medium wasn’t hard enough, most Christian communicators live under the pressure of endless deadlines, mountains of projects and never enough time, money or hands to get it all done. Not to mention the requirement to make it creative!

Recognizing the pressures faced by modern day Christian communicators, the BGCO Communications Team has designed ChurchCOMM, a free one-day conference designed to assist churches that are looking for better ways to communicate with their church members and community at large.

“As Christian communicators our primary role is to communicate the life-changing message of Jesus Christ in all we do. While the message is simple, how that message is shared is often a struggle,” said Ray E. Sanders, BGCO communications team leader and executive editor of the Baptist Messenger.

“The truth is, most church communicators are drowning in a sea of projects, deadlines and red tape. The goal of ChurchCOMM is to provide relevant, practical and helpful ideas that can be implemented by frontline communicators in the local church.”

ChurchCOMM is free for any Southern Baptist church and will be held at the Baptist Building located at 3800 N. May in Oklahoma City. The first session begins at 8:30 a.m. The conference ends at 3 p.m. Breakfast and lunch are provided. Registration is required before July 25 at Space is limited. ChurchCOMM will be held August 12, 2008. To learn more visit or call 405/942-3000, ext. 4315

Topics for ChurchCOMM include:

Breakout Sessions:

Write or Wrong?

Does a blank page give you the shakes? Not sure whether to hit delete or save? Learn helpful writing tips from seasoned, award-winning writers who still admit to using spell check!

Project Management

Help! Do you sometimes feel like you should work in a circus based on your juggling abilities? Are you surrounded by sticky notes? Do you lie awake at night thinking about everything you have to do? Then this session is for you. We can’t stop the insanity, but we will do our best to keep you from going crazy!

Design Essentials

Desktop publishing software doesn’t make you a graphic designer any more than a tool pouch makes you a carpenter. Come learn a few simple design rules and soon you will be designing with the best of them.

Get Caught in the Web

Getting caught on the Web should be a good thing. However, a look at most church Web sites can be pretty scary! Come learn excellent ideas for maximizing the power of the Internet in your ministry.

Picture This

Who doesn’t have a digital camera these days? Why not put all those photographers to work for you? People love seeing pictures, especially when they took them! Gain picture-taking ideas, tips and techniques you can use and share with others!

Crisis Communications

Something has gone wrong and the media wants to talk about it. What do you say? Where do you hide? Failing to communicate isn’t an option. Learn practical and critical insight from professionals who deal with the media almost every day.

Video Boot Camp

Great video cameras don’t create great video by themselves. Learn helpful hints, tricks and tips to take your video production to the next level.

Video for Veterans

So you have a few great videos to your credit but would like to learn a some creative tricks of the trade. This session is sure to satisfy your hunger for new ideas.

Effective Communications Teams

What team? Whether you’re a team of one or a team of many, this breakout session provides tools, strategies and guidelines to increase your productivity and effectiveness.

General Sessions:

Marketing Your Ministry

As Christian communicators, it is our job to share the life-changing message of Jesus Christ in all we do. This opening session is sure to ignite the communicator in you as you seek to find better ways to communicate to your church and community.

What’s Working?

What are you and others doing that works? During a question and answer time at lunch, enjoy a lively panel discussion on what’s working and what’s not. Come learn what others are doing to make their jobs easier and more effective while sharing a few ideas of your own.

At Your Service

Do you ever wonder what it takes to get a story in the Baptist Messenger? How can the BGCO Communications Team help your church? Interested in saving money on your next print project? The Baptist Messenger and Communications Team are at your service and aiming to please. This final session will help you understand how to connect your team with ours.

To learn more visit or call 405/942-3000, ext. 4315.


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